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City of Vancouver salaries reveal big spending on communications ...

Not far behind him was Mairi Welman. She earned $131,354 in 2013 before taking a job with the District of North Vancouver. The only other spokesperson to earn six figures was Joyce Courtney, former manager of communications for the park board (since ...

FOI reveals City of Vancouver paid communications staff more than ...

Almost two-dozen employees received less than $75,000, for a total of $798,407.34. Ten communications directors earned $75,000 or more. That list, totalling $845,504.32 was topped by Tracy Vaughan ($97,415.98) and Mairi Welman, who quit in summer ...

Action-packed Second Half Sees No. 2 Trinity Western Open the ...

In an attempt to rally back late from an 0-3 hole, first-year Heat forward Courtney Hemmerling (Kelowna, BC) made a dash down the left lane and got a spot-on set up by third-year midfielder Mairi Horth (Ladysmith, BC) for the nice shot past the Trinity ...

Mairi McLellan and Shadi Hamadeh Wage Food War in New Novel

From the author team of Mairi McLellan and Shadi Hamadeh comes “Food Wars” (published by AuthorHouse), a thrilling new science fiction novel that challenges the way readers think about food and obesity. “Between us, we decided to write a sci-fi story ...

Mairi McLellan and Shadi Hamadeh Wage Food War in New Novel

From the author team of Mairi McLellan and Shadi Hamadeh comes "Food Wars" (published by AuthorHouse), a thrilling new science fiction novel that challenges the way readers think about food and obesity. "Between us, we decided to write a sci-fi story ...

Flash Fiction: Aide Memoire by Mairi Campbell-Jack

It was the third day this Emma – 'Call me Em,' – had visited. A whiff of smoke lingered after her in the vast antiseptic cleanliness of the ward, the rudely penetrating smell of bleach only just covering the stench of ill health. Emma always made the ...

Goleiro marca golaço de falta em partida do Intermunicipal entre ...

A partida terminou com o triunfo de 3 a 0 de Mairi, no estádio municipal Carlos Afonso Nunes Sena. Mas, o que chamou a atenção da partida foi um dos gols da partida, marcado de falta pelo goleiro Edmar. Da intermediária, o arqueiro acertou um chutaço ...

Médicos decidem por demissão coletiva no Hospital Alayde Costa

Demissão coletiva foi a atitude tomada pelos médicos das enfermarias e da UTI do Hospital Alayde Costa (HAC), localizado em Escada, no Subúrbio Ferroviário. A decisão foi tomada após a troca de gestão para a Pró-Saúde. Os médicos foram ...

Devil's Advocate: Will Indy vote leave Scotland divided?

... co-covener of the Scottish Green Party, Kezia Dugdale MSP, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, Professor Alan Archibald, deputy director at the Roslin Institute, and National Collective organiser Mairi McFadyen – will talk ...

Giorgio Armani's Favorite Things

At points in my life I have had up to five cats; I now have two, Angel and Mairi. I included the box set of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy because I designed Bruce Wayne's clothes and because it's a dark and mysterious movie, with a tormented ...

Twin Atlantic to play Ullapool's Loopallu festival

Organised by Ullapool Book Festival, its guest speakers include Christopher Brookmyre, Mairi Hedderwick, Doug Johnstone, Vic Galloway and Aidan Moffat. Barry McKenna, of Twin Atlantic, said: "We've had a pretty special relationship with the Highlands ...

Mairi, 15, wins trophy for beetle picture

Mairi Eyres, 15, of Llangedwyn, snapped the delicate image of a beetle and entered it in the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust's third annual Julian Gardner Award photography competition. Mairi, who attends Llanfyllin High School, was the winner in ...

Mairi O'Keefe: Autumn is in the air

Mairi O'Keefe: Autumn is in the air. Print. Published: 1 Sep 2014 12:30. As the schools went back last week, many of us whose children are beyond that stage may nevertheless have had that end of summer feeling. Share this image. I seem to remember that ...

Why the Mystery About Women's Orgasms?

What do you know about women's orgasms? If you're a woman you know about your own ones but you're probably in the dark about whether they're the same in quality and quantity as your friends' (they're probably not) and if you're a man, unless you're ...

Food Relief Group Makes a Difference for Haitians and Locals

Bob Bostic, who founded the Deliver the Difference organization with his wife Mairi in 2010 avows that their goal is to give people a hand up and help them escape the vicious cycle of poverty. The latest efforts of the Bostics and their committed group ...

Bandidos arrombam cofre com maçarico mesmo após alarme ...

Bandidos invadiram a agência do Banco do Brasil de Mairi, a 294 quilômetros de Salvador, e arrombaram o cofre na madrugada desta terça-feira (26). O alarme chegou a disparar, mas o arrombamento só foi notado quando funcionários chegaram para ...

Prefeitas aderem à chapa de Paulo Souto

As pesquisas eleitorais estão estimulando a adesão de lideranças da base governista à chapa majoritária da coligação “Unidos pela Bahia”. As ex-prefeitas Nenca (PSD), de Araci, e Jandira (PSD), de Baianópolis, passaram para o lado da oposição, assim ...

Cofre de agência do Banco do Brasil é arrombado com maçarico ...

Uma agência do Banco do Brasil localizada no município de Mairi, a 298 quilômetros de Salvador, foi invadidada por assaltantes na madrugada desta terça-feira (26). De acordo com agentes da delegacia local, o crime aconteceu por volta das 0h15, sendo ...

British 'angels' who braved WW1 trenches

In 1914-1918 practically the only people in the village were Belgian soldiers - and two remarkable British women. Mairi Chisholm and Elsie Knocker ran their own first aid post in Pervyse, surviving the heavy bombardment, sniper fire and gas attacks ...

SAC Móvel visita 24 cidades baianas neste mês

Serão ofertados os serviços de emissão de carteira de identidade, certidão negativa de antecendentes criminais e CPF, além de atividades da Previdência Estadual e da Ouvidoria Geral do Estado. A unidade da Rota 1 atenderá as cidades de Mairi (16 e 17) ...

Agência do Banco do Brasil é invadida em Mairi

A agência do Banco do Brasil em Mairi, no centro-norte baiano, foi invadida na madrugada desta terça-feira (26), segundo informações do site Mairi News. Os funcionários da instituição financeira perceberam que o local havia sido assaltado ao chegarem ...

Mairi O'Keefe: Great events to attract the summer visitors

East Lothian has certainly lived up to its reputation as a thriving holiday destination over the past couple of weeks, with holidaymakers flocking to the beaches in the fine weather and the hotels, guest-houses, shops and restaurants making the most of ...

Mairi O'Keefe: We should reflect on what hard work and gardening ...

AS THIS warm and sunny summer has continued, relaxing in a park or garden is something we all like to do. Share this image. Maintaining a garden can be either a pleasant and rewarding hobby or a chore involving, at this time, sweat and hard work.

2 Are Held in Death of Mary E. Whitaker, New York Violinist

Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf posted a tribute on Facebook to her friend that seemed to capture the general sentiment. “Going to speak from my heart,” Ms. Dorman-Phaneuf wrote, calling Ms. Whitaker “a very, very rare and gentle human, who thought deeply and ...

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Geralmente Nublado

21° C

Max.: 29° C

Min.: 18° C

Indice UV: -

Vento: Sudeste a 9.65 km/h

Humidade: 94%

Visibilidade: 10.0 km

Ponto condensação: 21º C

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Parcialmente Nublado

Max: 29° C

Min: 18° C

Amanhecer: 08:34

Anoitecer: 20:38

Vento: Sudeste a 14 km/h

Humidade: 45%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 0%




Max: 29° C

Min: 18° C

Amanhecer: 08:33

Anoitecer: 20:38

Vento: Sudeste a 18 km/h

Humidade: 49%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 20%

Sexta, 19 de Setembro de 2014


Parcialmente Nublado

Max: 31° C

Min: 18° C

Amanhecer: 08:32

Anoitecer: 20:37

Vento: Este a 14 km/h

Humidade: 50%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 10%

Sábado, 20 de Setembro de 2014


Parcialmente Nublado

Max: 31° C

Min: 19° C

Amanhecer: 08:32

Anoitecer: 20:37

Vento: Este a 11 km/h

Humidade: 50%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 10%

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Total de CEP: 3

44630-970 - Rua Nilo Rios Centro

44630-000 -

44634-970 - Travessa José Fernandes da Silva Centro

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Fiesta Park Hotel

Fiesta Park Hotel

Av. Paulo Souto, 700

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Pousada Itajuípe

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Hotel Paraiso

Hotel Paraiso

Rua de Santana , 38

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