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STENOGRAME. Interceptare telefonica Victor Ponta - Dorin Cocos ...

Ziarista Sorina Matei a publicat vineri pe blogul ei o interceptare telefonica a unei convorbiri intre Dorin Cocos si o persoana care raspunde la numarul de telefon al lui Victor Ponta, datata 16 iulie 2008, in perioada in care actualul prim ministru ...

Girl accused of setting huge Cocos fire to undergo mental evaluation

The teenage girl suspected of intentionally setting the Cocos fire in May that burned 2,000 acres and destroyed or damaged more than 40 structures in the San Marcos area has been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation. San Diego County Superior Court ...

Teen Suspect In Cocos Fire To Stand Trial

A judge on Wednesday ruled that a 13-year-old girl is competent to stand trial on allegations that she deliberately started the Cocos wildfire that destroyed three dozen homes in the San Marcos area. The judge made the ruling in a brief hearing in ...

Investors prepare to hedge Cocos with CDS after rule change

Investors prepare to hedge Cocos with CDS after rule change. Upcoming changes to credit default swap (CDS) definitions could have a positive effect on the contingent convertible securities (Coco) market, allowing investors for the first time to buy CDS ...

FCA to restrict sale of 'cocos' to individual investors

On Tuesday, the Financial Conduct Authority said it would limit the sale of contingent convertible securities, known as “cocos”, to professional and sophisticated investors from October 1, as the risky, high-yield investments were “unlikely to be ...

Teen Girl Accused in Cocos Fire Will Stand Trial

A teenage girl accused of starting north San Diego's devastating Cocos Fire is competent to stand trial, a judge ruled on Wednesday. The juvenile, who faces four felony charges and one misdemeanor in connection with the wildfire that destroyed close to ...

Cocos Fire case: Girl is competent, judge says

Cocos Fire case: Girl is competent, judge says. 10News Digital Team , Jennifer Jensen. 2:36 PM, Aug 20, 2014. 46 mins ago. Previous Next. A girl accused of setting a San Marcos-area wildfire that destroyed dozens of homes was in court on Wednesday, ...

Are CoCos a risk too far?

CoCos have come under the regulatory spotlight after the FCA took action to limit their distribution to individual investors. But while no restrictions have been applied to retail funds, some managers warn that CoCos could be a risk too far even for them.

Cocos Lovers at Deal festival

I don't really know myself,” says Will Greenham, right, singer and guitarist with Cocos Lovers. The seven-piece band – but sometimes 'eight with a guest trumpet player' – which was formed in Deal in 2007, have long been making waves across Kent ...

Birkenfeld: Cocos Nuss bietet Jugendlichen Hilfe

So nennt sich das Gesamtkonzept der sozialpädagogischen Einrichtung am Rand von Birkenfeld, Cocos Nuss ist ein Teil davon, aber einer, der das Projekt mit Leben füllt: So heißt nämlich die heilpädagogische Wohngruppe für maximal acht Kinder und ...

Fixed Income View: Appeal of AT1s and CoCos

Contingent Convertible (CoCo) and Additional Tier 1 (AT1) are relatively new types of debt products and, in spite of their more complex structures, they have been embraced by fixed income investors as a way of capturing attractive yields. In order to ...

Loco for CoCos

Loco for CoCos. Aug 18th 2014, 18:08 by Timekeeper. Close. Save this article. Click this to add articles to your Timekeeper reading list. Learn more ». Rolex values your time. Timekeeper by Rolex. Tweet. THIS week: the global economy, ...

FCA's no-go for CoCos

The FCA's announcement that banks in the UK will be banned from offering contingent convertible bonds ('CoCos') to ordinary retail investors from October highlights the complexity of these securities. As companies become more creative in the structures ...

Guam EPA: Unified Command Works to Remove Grounded Fishing ...

Cocos Island, GUAM - (Friday, Aug. 15) – The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA) continues to lead the charge for environmental protection during response operations for the grounded fishing vessel near Cocos Island. Guam EPA is one of ...

Japanese Fishing Vessel Runs Aground Off Cocos Island; 4 Filipino ...

Guam - The 49 ft Japanese fishing boat, Take Maru 55, ran aground yesterday morning off Melesso near the west coast of Cocos Island. The crew of 4 Filipinos and 2 Indonesians swam to Cocos Island and sought shelter in a building of the Cocos Island ...

Bruselas alerta del riesgo de las nuevas preferentes (los 'cocos ...

fue el cupón con el que vendió Popular sus 'cocos' en octubre del año pasado. La elevada demanda de los grandes inversores sitúa ahora su rentabilidad en el 6,7%. Los rendimientos han caído, y la Esma cuestiona si son los adecuadas para el riesgo del ...

Les plumeurs de cocos sont à l'ouvrage à la ferme de Kercadiou

Ici, à proximité du poulailler et du siège de l'exploitation, sept hectares de cocos sont en train d'être plumés. « Cueillir les cocos, c'est les plumer. Parce que le geste que l'on fait en les cueillant, c'est le même que pour plumer les poulets ...

Por calor, se salen 'cocos' de lagunas

Por calor, se salen 'cocos' de lagunas. Publicado el 16 de agosto, 2014 a las 8:59 horas. Escrito por Óscar Figueroa. cocodrilo. ALTAMIRA, Tamaulipas.- Las altas temperaturas han comenzado a propiciar que lagartos salgan de su hábitat, detalló el ...

Los cocos salen a bailar en Ribadeo en honor a San Roque y en ...

En Ribadeo también hay un momento para la fiesta ahora mismo. Y llega con el San Roque ribadense que hoy, sábado 16, revivirá la tradición de la salida a la calle de los Cocos y Cabezudos, a las 11.00. A las 12.00 habrá misa en la capilla, a las 13.30 ...

CoCos Start to Feel the Stress

“We've never been big fans of CoCos–they are not bonds and therefore should not be a core holding of a bond portfolio,” said Ben Bennett, a credit strategist at Legal & General Investment Management. Last month Bank of America Merrill Lynch said it ...

Guam EPA: Unified Command Works to Remove Grounded Fishing ...

Cocos Island, GUAM - (Friday, Aug. 15) – The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA) continues to lead the charge for environmental protection during response operations for the grounded fishing vessel near Cocos Island. Guam EPA is one of ...

British Watchdog Curbs High-Yield Bonds Called CoCos for Small ...

(One ancillary benefit of CoCos is that they are a new product for banks to underwrite in addition to aiding their capital structures.) But some have forecast that issuance will grow to £160 billion by 2020, leading the authority to preclude retail ...

Quand l'Amérique adorait les cocos

Dans les années 1950, l'exotisme Tiki Pop a fleuri de la Californie à la Floride. Un décor polynésien idyllique ressuscité au Quai-Branly. Boby Lapointe chantait « Ta Katie t'a quitté » sur un tempo saccadé. S'il avait été américain, dans les années ...

Hunden Cocos stöttar och lugnar under lästräningen

Ett läspass med Cocos är på runt 25 minuter, och det är lagom för både barn och hund. Cocos varken kritiserar eller stressar barnen ifall de skulle råka staka sig eller läsa fel. Barnen kan vara sig själva och läsa i sin egen takt. Och det är själva ...

¡Que vienen los 'cocos'!

Se trata de los bonos convertibles contingentes, denominados coloquialmente 'cocos' en la jerga financiera. El riesgo es muy real: la Autoridad Europea de Valores y Mercados (ESMA) ya ha calificado este producto como “complejo y peligroso” para los ...

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19° C

Max.: 30° C

Min.: 17° C

Indice UV: -

Vento: Sudeste a 0 km/h

Humidade: 66%

Visibilidade: 10.0 km

Ponto condensação: 19º C

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Max: 30° C

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Domingo, 24 de Agosto de 2014



Max: 31° C

Min: 17° C

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Anoitecer: 20:45

Vento: Este a 18 km/h

Humidade: 38%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 0%

Segunda, 25 de Agosto de 2014



Max: 32° C

Min: 18° C

Amanhecer: 08:59

Anoitecer: 20:45

Vento: Este a 16 km/h

Humidade: 40%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 0%

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Total de CEP: 2

47680-970 - Rua Coronel Fernandes Lopes Centro

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Center Apart Hotel

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Hotel Morubixaba

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