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Best-Ever Photo of Dwarf Planet Ceres

NASA's Dawn space probe, which dazzled scientists with its astonishing views of the asteroid Vesta back in 2012, is about to do it again. A little over five weeks from now, the 2.7 ton probe will go into orbit around Ceres—another asteroid-belt object ...

Best-ever photographs of Ceres revealed by Dawn probe

The Dawn spacecraft has returned the sharpest ever images seen of Ceres ahead of its historic rendezvous with the dwarf planet. The images were taken from 147,000 miles (237,000 km) away on January 25, and represent a new milestone for a spacecraft ...

NASA's Dawn spacecraft captures clearest-ever image of “dwarf ...

NASA today announced that its Dawn spacecraft has returned the sharpest images ever captured of the dwarf planet Ceres. The images were taken 147,000 miles (237,000 km) from Ceres on Jan. 25, 2015. They represent a new milestone for a spacecraft ...

NASA Probe Gets Best Ever View of Dwarf Planet Ceres

A NASA spacecraft en-route to the largest body in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter returned its sharpest images yet of its target, the dwarf planet Ceres. The Dawn spacecraft, which previously spent 14 months exploring Vesta, a protoplanet ...

Dawn Captures Best Images Ever of “Hipster Planet” Ceres

Originally classified as a planet, Ceres was later categorized as an asteroid and then reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006 (controversially along with far-flung Pluto.) Ceres was first observed in 1801 by astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi who named the ...

NASA's Dawn spacecraft provides 'best-ever view' of dwarf planet ...

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has returned what it's calling the "best-ever view" of Ceres, a dwarf planet. Ceres is the largest body between Mars and Jupiter, and it may have liquid water beneath its mantle. The images were taken on Jan. 25 from 147,000 ...

Misteriosa mancha no planeta anão Ceres intriga cientistas

“Sim, nós confirmamos que há algo em Ceres que reflete mais luz do sol, mas o que é ainda é um mistério”, disse Marc Rayman, diretor da missão espacial que enviou a sonda Dawn até o planeta anão. As novas imagens do astro também indica presença ...

Ceres may reveal the secrets of planets

The Dawn spacecraft, which goes into orbit around Ceres on March 6, will deliver increasingly crisper images as it approaches its target, and with each release, the team gathered at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson will have additional ...

Loyola, Ceres advance to PFF semis

MANILA, Philippines - As a result of being the top two squads of Group A, Loyola Meralco Sparks FC and Ceres-La Salle FC have qualified to advance to the semis of the Philippine Football Federation-Smart National Club Championship. Loyola emerged as ...

Misteriosa mancha no planeta anão Ceres intriga cientistas

«Sim, confirmamos que há algo em Ceres que reflecte mais luz do sol, mas o que é ainda é um mistério», disse Marc Rayman, director da missão espacial que enviou a sonda Dawn até ao planeta anão. As novas imagens do astro também indicam a ...

Scientists befuddled by mysterious white spot on Ceres

26 (UPI) -- Everyday, NASA's Dawn probe gets a bit closer to the dwarf planet Ceres. They're hoping this history-making flyby can answer questions and offer scientists a new and improved understanding of the glorified asteroid. But so far, Ceres is all ...

This Is the Dwarf Planet Ceres Spinning on Its Axis

This animation is made up of a series of images of Ceres, recorded by Dawn over the space of one hour on January 13th. Observed from 238,000 miles at a resolution of 27 pixels, the GIF shows just over half of the its surface. It's high enough in ...

Alien Life? Nah, But Myserious White Spot on Ceres Leaves NASA ...

Images of the dwarf planet Ceres, which were taken by the Dawn spacecraft, reveal a mysterious white spot that reflects more sunlight. NASA scientists are not yet certain what this is but they have a hypothesis.

Loyola upends Ceres; Kaya up

The national team star found his scoring touch in the first half as Loyola Meralco stunned defending champion Ceres-La Salle, 1-0, Saturday night to move closer to a place in the semifinals of the PFF Smart National Club Champion-ship at Rizal Memorial ...

Nasa divulga novas imagens de Ceres, planeta-anão localizado ...

A Nasa divulgou novas imagens do planeta-anão Ceres, que está localizado no Cinturão de Asteróides, entre Marte e Júpiter. Quem fez as fotos foi a sonda Dawn, que se aproxima do astro e deve ser capturado por sua órbita no dia 6 de março deste ano.

Novas imagens de Ceres

Novas imagens de Ceres. Têm três vezes mais resolução do que as captadas em Dezembro. 0. 0. Novas imagens de Ceres. 21-01-2015 • SÁBADO. A NASA divulgou imagens recentes do planeta-anão Ceres captadas pela nave espacial Dawn. Têm três ...

NASA Finds Mysterious Bright Spot on Dwarf Planet Ceres: What Is It?

A strange, flickering white blotch found on the dwarf planet Ceres by a NASA spacecraft has scientists scratching their heads. The white spot on Ceres in a series of new photos taken on Jan. 13 by NASA's Dawn spacecraft, which is rapidly approaching ...

Loyola takes top spot in Group B with Ceres win

MANILA, Philippines – Loyola Meralco Sparks FC gave national club champs Ceres FC a bitter pill after snatching a tight 1-0 win to take the lead in Group B of the Philippine Football Federation-Smart National Club Championship at the Rizal Memorial ...

We're About To Visit A Tiny Planet In The Asteroid Belt For The First ...

This March, we'll arrive Ceres. It's the biggest thing in the Asteroid Belt, with a diameter of 590 miles, a surface area four times larger than Texas, and a mass about one-fourteenth that of Pluto. Though it's technically an asteroid and a dwarf ...

NASA Probe Snaps Amazing New Views of Dwarf Planet Ceres ...

A spacecraft closing in on the dwarf planet Ceres in the solar system's asteroid belt has captured tantalizing new views of the huge space rock, revealing hints of craters and other structures on the surface of this mysterious body. NASA's Dawn ...

Prosecutors charge 5 with murder in Ceres bar shooting

Investigators searched and seized evidence at Ceres homes in the 1200 block of Snow Ridge Court, the 1600 block of Morello Drive, the 1500 block of Caulfield Drive and the 1600 block of Central Avenue, as well as Modesto homes in the 3400 block of ...

Please fix the light at Ceres School

I travel Route 123 almost every day and I have noticed the Ceres School light on the west bound side of traffic is burned out quite often. Vehicles will travel at regular speed not knowing the light is out until they go past the light on the other end ...

What is the mysterious bright spot on Ceres? Nasa spots 'alien' mark ...

A mysterious white spot glowing on the surface of Ceres has baffled scientists, who are closing in on the dwarf planet. The 'alien' mark can be clearly seen in the latest images the icy world as the Dawn probe prepares itself for a rendezvous on March 6.

Spacecraft Set to Reveal First Look at Dwarf Planets

A pair of small alien worlds, Ceres and Pluto, move into the spotlight this year as spacecraft arrive at their cosmic shores for the first time. NASA's Dawn spacecraft released its first views of Ceres on Monday, already hinting at previously unknown ...

Sonda espacial Dawn aproxima-se de Ceres

A Dawn será a primeira nave a orbitar dois objectivos do sistema solar, tendo já explorado o proto-planeta Vesta durante 14 meses, entre 2011 e 2012. Ceres, com um diâmetro de 950 km, é o maior corpo da Cintura de Asteróides, que orbita o Sol entre ...

Dawn Spacecraft Nears Rendezvous With Dwarf Planet Ceres

LOS ANGELES—. NASA's Dawn spacecraft is set to reach the dwarf planet Ceres in March and begin gathering clues about whether the icy body may have once had conditions conducive to supporting life. Dawn left Earth more than seven years ago, on a ...

Moradores da vila Ceres cobram mais iluminação na rua Dinamarca

Falta de iluminação na rua Dinamarca, vila Ceres, gera preocupação de moradores. Em um dos quarteirões da rua, apesar da existência de vários postes, a iluminação é precária, pois apenas um está funcionando de fato e os demais necessitam de ...

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Tempo em Ceres


17° C

Max.: 34° C

Min.: 21° C

Indice UV: -

Vento: %West a 3.22 km/h

Humidade: 95%

Visibilidade: 2.0 km

Ponto condensação: 17º C

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Parcialmente Nublado

Max: 34° C

Min: 21° C

Amanhecer: 09:00

Anoitecer: 21:58

Vento: Sul-sudeste a 6 km/h

Humidade: 52%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 20%



Chance of a Thunderstorm

Max: 33° C

Min: 21° C

Amanhecer: 09:01

Anoitecer: 21:59

Vento: Lés-sudeste a 6 km/h

Humidade: 50%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 40%

Sexta, 16 de Janeiro de 2015



Max: 33° C

Min: 23° C

Amanhecer: 09:01

Anoitecer: 21:59

Vento: Este a 6 km/h

Humidade: 50%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 10%

Sábado, 17 de Janeiro de 2015


Parcialmente Nublado

Max: 34° C

Min: 22° C

Amanhecer: 09:02

Anoitecer: 21:59

Vento: Lés-sudeste a 5 km/h

Humidade: 48%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 20%

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Pousada Buriti

Pousada Buriti

Av Deusdeteh Ferreira de Moura, 7171

Entre 95 e reais

Pousada Suprema

Pousada Suprema

Rua Virgilio Godinho Qd A Lote 1 e 2

Entre 99 e reais

Pousada Gold

Pousada Gold

Rua Jose Gabriel, 34

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