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Dawn Journal: Looking Ahead at Ceres

One final calibration of the science camera is needed before arrival at Ceres. To accomplish it, the camera needs to take pictures of a target that appears just a few pixels across. The endless sky that surrounds our interplanetary traveler is full of ...

Theft of Robmar Court mail alleged

Jonathan Wayne Woodral, 39, of Ceres, was arrested early Saturday for allegedly stealing mail from patrons' boxes in the 2800 block of Robmar Court. Sgt. Derek Perry was on patrol at 1 a.m. when he saw Woodral riding his bike south on Barry Court. As ...

Boys basketball: Bears top Tigers in junior varsity game at Ceres ...

Luka Jovic led Tokay Tigers junior varsity boys basketball team with 19 points to go with nine rebounds in a 58-54 loss to the Merced Bears at the Ceres Tournament. Abder Elkheidi followed with 11 points and Victor Netgas had 10 points. Ramsey Elkheidi ...

Shorthanded Calaveras boys defeat Ceres

CERES – The Calaveras High boys basketball team had three players sitting out when they went on the road to face Ceres Tuesday, but kept the unbeaten season going with a 52-36 victory. “This was another overall good team win,” said Calaveras head ...

Ceres 'in prison,' recalled by jail superintendent

I read Ceres Doyo's article titled “No '30' for Sunday Inquirer Magazine” (Opinion, 12/11/14) where she featured the history and evolution of a magazine, including her varied exposures. She narrated that while she never asked for those exposures, the ...

Police rewarding do-good kids

Ceres Police officers realize that most of their contact with the public is of a negative nature with issuing speeding tickets, citations for cell phone use while driving and arresting criminals. But under a new program they are looking for kids who do ...

Ceres-La Salle to face Maziya in playoffs of AFC Cup 2015

MULTI-TITLED Ceres-La Salle FC is set to face Maziya Sports and Recreation of Maldives on February 17 at the latter's home pitch for the Asian Football Confederation Cup playoff match. The winner of this face-off will join India's Bengaluru, Persipura ...

Ceres Jr. Bulldogs varsity youth football team reaches record heights

The Ceres Jr. Bulldogs varsity youth football team's unprecedented run came to an end earlier this month in Modesto. Unbeaten through their first 10 games, the Jr. Bulldogs lost 48-25 to the Travis Vikings of Fairfield in the Bay Valley Gridiron League ...

Ceres service clubs celebrated

A collection of community organizations was spotlighted in a Ceres Chamber of Commerce mixer of good company, ample food and holiday cheer on Friday evening. Held at the Ceres Community Center from 6 to 8 p.m., the annual Holiday Mixer highlighted ...

Ceres High boys targeting success

Ceres High varsity boys basketball standout Austin Stiles believes improved team chemistry along with other key ingredients will produce desired results during the 2014-15 campaign. "This year, we're more of a family," said Stiles, a junior guard/forward.

Ceres Announces Changes to Board of Directors

"Mr. Debbane, who was nominated to the Ceres board by Artal Luxembourg, our largest stockholder, has been a steadfast proponent of our technology and intellectual property portfolio, and we have appreciated his support and service to our board as we ...

Ceres Announces Changes to Board of Directors

"Mr. Debbane, who was nominated to the Ceres board by Artal Luxembourg, our largest stockholder, has been a steadfast proponent of our technology and intellectual property portfolio, and we have appreciated his support and service to our board as we ...

Frente à redução da oferta de cana, Ceres lança novas variedades ...

Para a Ceres Sementes do Brasil a redução da oferta de cana-de-açúcar na safra 2015/16 ocorrerá em virtude dos efeitos da seca no centro-sul sobre a produtividade dos canaviais no próximo ciclo. Esse cenário, avalia a empresa, abrirá oportunidade para ...

Dawn Captures Ceres

Dawn will be captured into Ceres' orbit in March, marking the first visit to a dwarf planet by a spacecraft.To date, the best images of Ceres come from the Hubble Space Telescope. In early 2015, however, Dawn will begin delivering images at much higher ...

Ceres announces change for Northgate project

Ceres has ended its arrangements and ongoing discussions with The Scoular Company regarding the development and construction of the grain facility. Ceres plans to use its subsidiary, Riverland Ag, for the design and development of the Northgate grain ...

As Dawn approaches, new image of dwarf planet Ceres

Here, the 976-kilometer-wide / 606-mile-wide main belt asteroid / protoplanet / dwarf planet 1 Ceres is seen by the approaching Dawn spacecraft from a distance of 1.2 million kilometers / 745,000 miles, on December 1, 2014. Dawn begins its approach ...

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft has delivered Picture of the dwarf planet ...

The Dawn spacecraft has delivered a first view of Ceres, the largest body of the main asteroid belt, a new image taken 1.2 million kilometers from the dwarf planet. “Now, finally, we have a spaceship about to discover this mysterious world. Soon Ceres ...

"Dawn" macht ihr erstes Foto von Zwergplanet Ceres

Auf dem Weg zu ihrem nächsten Ziel, dem Zwergplaneten Ceres, hat die US- Raumsonde "Dawn" Anfang Dezember ihr erstes Foto des fast 1.000 Kilometer großen Asteroiden, der erst 2006 zum Zwergplaneten "aufstieg", gemacht. Es zeigt Ceres als ein ...

Pedestrian struck and killed by car in Ceres

According to Ceres Police, a car was traveling northbound on Mitchell Road when it struck a female pedestrian wearing all dark clothing. The driver immediately stopped and cooperated with police. The pedestrian was unresponsive after suffering major ...

Dawn glimpses Ceres: Solar system's largest asteroid comes into ...

It may look like a bit of dust on your screen, but this speck is in fact Ceres – a strange world that could reveal the origin of life on Earth. The image was taken when the Dawn spacecraft was around 740,000 miles (1.2 million km) from Ceres, on its ...

Ceres revelará los secretos de nuestro sistema solar

Apenas la misión Rosetta empieza a mandar datos importantes sobre el cometa 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko, la nave espacial Dawn logró transmitir, el pasado 1 de diciembre, imágenes de Ceres (el planeta enano más grande del cinturón de asteroides ...

Ceres is round!

Ceres will have tectonic features, maybe even an internal ocean. Or there were such features, once. Ceres' surface will have recorded those changes. It remains for Dawn to see whether those recordings have been preserved across geologic time, leaving a ...

The Dawn Spacecraft Is Closing in on Dwarf Planet Ceres

NASA's Dawn spacecraft is currently en route to the asteroid belt where it will rendezvous with the region's largest celestial body, Ceres. As a sneak preview, the spacecraft has snapped its best-yet image of the dwarf planet. The image was snapped at ...

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ultimo comício da campanha Braz 25 Avança Arapoti

Vídeo Povão no Comício do Potinho Jardim <em>Ceres</em>.AVI

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Propaganda Elitoral Time <em>CERES</em>

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Geralmente Nublado

30° C

Max.: 33° C

Min.: 22° C

Indice UV: -

Vento: % a 0 km/h

Humidade: 44%

Visibilidade: 4.0 km

Ponto condensação: 30º C

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Chance of a Thunderstorm

Max: 33° C

Min: 22° C

Amanhecer: 08:40

Anoitecer: 21:27

Vento: Nor-nordeste a 5 km/h

Humidade: 55%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 50%



Chance of a Thunderstorm

Max: 30° C

Min: 21° C

Amanhecer: 08:40

Anoitecer: 21:28

Vento: Nor-nordeste a 8 km/h

Humidade: 70%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 60%

Segunda, 10 de Novembro de 2014



Max: 29° C

Min: 21° C

Amanhecer: 08:40

Anoitecer: 21:28

Vento: Noroeste a 8 km/h

Humidade: 76%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 80%

Terça, 11 de Novembro de 2014



Max: 29° C

Min: 21° C

Amanhecer: 08:40

Anoitecer: 21:29

Vento: Noroeste a 8 km/h

Humidade: 71%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 80%

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Pousada Buriti

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