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Vídeo da NASA mostra montanha enorme em Ceres

Uma enorme montanha em Ceres - é a última novidade que vem do planeta-anão, visível num vídeo da NASA. Vídeo da NASA mostra montanha enorme em Ceres. Ceres, o planeta-anão entre Marte e Júpiter, tem fascinado cientistas e opinião pública.

Dawn Beams Back New Image of Ceres' Bright Spots

“The craters we find on Ceres, in terms of their depth and diameter, are very similar to what we see on Dione and Tethys, two icy satellites of Saturn that are about the same size and density as Ceres,” said Dawn science team member Paul Schenk, a ...

Ceres kid becomes 'cop for a day'

Between “visit a children's hospital and give the sick children stuffed animals to make them smile” and go to New York in the wintertime, the Ceres resident wanted to “visit the police station and hang out.” Ceres Police Sgt. Jason Coley thought there ...

Com direito ao primeiro gol do campeonato, Ceres/GO derrota ...

Abrindo o Campeonato Goiano da Terceira Divisão de 2015, neste sábado (29), pelo Grupo A, no Centro Olímpico de Ceres, o time ceresino, retornando ao futebol profissional após 21 anos, derrotou o Umuarama, um dos semifinalistas do ano passado: 2 x ...

Ceres inicia novos cortes que afetam mais 19 vagas no Brasil

A Ceres disse que iniciou uma nova redução da sua força de trabalho que afetou 19 postos adicionais da companhia no Brasil, após ter anunciado a restruturação de suas operações relacionadas a sementes no país para focar no processamento de ...

NASA shares high resolution images of dwarf planet Ceres

At its current orbital altitude of 1,470 km, Dawn takes 11 days to capture and return images of Ceres' whole surface. In October, Dawn will drop to a position of 230 miles above Ceres' surface. The mountain is covered with bright streaks of unknown ...

New Ceres campus home to adult education classes, part of ...

Robert Serrato leads a school board tour of Walt Hanline School, now housing Ceres Unified School District's adult school, after school leaders and other programs, but ready to serve as an elementary school when development picks up in Ceres. Nan ...

New images from Dawn mission to Ceres

View larger. | Sharpened, enlarged crop of the mountain 1 Ceres. Original image below. Image acquired by the Dawn spacecraft on August 19, 2015. Dawn was 910 miles (1,470 km) from Ceres at the time. Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA.

Ceres Enterprises LLC, Orlean Enterprises to build Cambria Hotels ...

Westlake-based Ceres Enterprises LLC and Beachwood-based Orlean Enterprises, who teamed up to open the new Cambria Hotels & Suites in Avon, like the new brand and their joint venture so much that they plan to build another one together. Rockville ...

Nasa divulga novas imagens em alta resolução do planeta-anão ...

A Nasa divulgou na última terça-feira (25) mais uma série de imagens do planeta-anão Ceres captadas por sua sonda Dawn. As fotos em alta resolução foram as mais próximas até agora tiradas pela nave, de uma altitude de 1,47 mil quilômetros do objeto, ...

PICTURED: Four-mile high conical mountain on tiny planet Ceres in ...

... the scars of thousands of asteroid impacts of an array of sizes. The latest pictures were beamed back by the Nasa Dawn unmanned space probe from 915 miles high. In late October dawn will take its closest ever pictures from just 230 miles above Ceres.

Space Today TV Ep.22 - Atualização da Missão da Sonda Dawn em ...

Novos mapas coloridos de Ceres, baseados nos dados obtidos pela sonda Dawn, da NASA, mostram uma topografia diversa, no planeta anão, com diferenças de alturas entre as partes mais profundas das crateras, e os picos das montanhas chegando a 15 ...

Ceres' “Pyramid” Gets a Closer Look, But Bright Spots Remain a ...

NASA's Dawn spacecraft spotted this tall, conical mountain on Ceres from a distance of 915 miles (1,470 kilometers). The mountain, located in the southern hemisphere, stands 4 miles (6 kilometers) high. Its perimeter is sharply defined, with almost no ...

Ceres seeks UFL title double vs Kaya XI tonight

POWERHOUSE Ceres-La Salle guns for a United Football League championship double as it collides with Kaya tonight in the UFL Cup final at Rizal Memorial Stadium. Despite the impending absence of standout midfielder Manny Ott, the Bacolod side, ...

Dawn spacecraft sends sharpest images of Ceres yet

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has been sending back images of the dwarf planet Ceres for several months now, but the latest are the clearest ones to date. Dawn entered close orbit of Ceres back on March 6th. The planet is now believed to be 584 miles in ...

Planeta-anão Ceres possui enormes formas geológicas brilhantes

A Nasa divulgou novas imagens em alta resolução do planeta-anão Ceres, localizado entre Marte e Júpiter e parte do cinturão de asteróides que separa essas duas órbitas. As fotos foram feitas pela sonda Dawn. As fotos em alta resolução foram as mais ...

'Lonely Mountain' on Dwarf Planet Ceres Shines in Jaw-Dropping ...

NASA's Dawn spacecraft spotted this tall, conical mountain on Ceres on Aug. 19, from a distance of 915 miles (1,470 kilometers). The mountain, located in the dwarf planet's southern hemisphere, stands 4 miles (6 km) high. Its perimeter is sharply ...

A Shiny, 4-Mile-Tall Mountain On Ceres Has NASA Taking A Closer ...

For much of this year, NASA's Dawn spacecraft has been descending closer and closer towards the surface of Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt, making multiple mapping orbits and encountering odd features along the way. It's now less than 1 ...

Body of man found in Ceres canal

Body of man found in Ceres canal. Discovery of man in his 50s along East Hatch Road. Police estimate body may have been there a day or two. Rescuers recover a body from a canal near Ceres Tuesday. Aug. 25, 2015 Brian Clark/ ...

Ceres-La Salle tackles Loyola Meralco Tuesday

League champion Ceres-La Salle collides with powerhouse Loyola Meralco Tuesday night in what is expected to be an explosive semifinal encounter in the 2015 UFL Cup at Rizal Memorial Stadium. Kickoff is at 8:15 p.m. with Bacolod-based Ceres looking to ...

Ceres steps up its fight against blight

In addition to acting upon what it hears about, Neighborhood Enhancement is using social media to encourage community participation. Last week, a post on the Ceres Police Department's Facebook page included pictures of vehicles parked on a lawn and ...

Ceres FC faces Loyola in UFL Cup semifinals

Bacolod's Ceres-La Salle FC is just a win away from United Football League (UFL) Cup finals game after arranging a semis match with Loyola-Meralco Sparks FC tomorrow at the Rizal Memorial Stadium. Ceres FC entered the semifinal after a five-nil victory ...

Mundo das rochas e gelo: planeta anão Ceres

A Administração Nacional da Aeronáutica e Espaço (NASA) publicou um vídeo para lançar luz sobre alguns dos mistérios do planeta. An error occurred. Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.

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ultimo comício da campanha Braz 25 Avança Arapoti

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17° C

Max.: 34° C

Min.: 21° C

Indice UV: -

Vento: %West a 3.22 km/h

Humidade: 95%

Visibilidade: 2.0 km

Ponto condensação: 17º C

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Parcialmente Nublado

Max: 34° C

Min: 21° C

Amanhecer: 09:00

Anoitecer: 21:58

Vento: Sul-sudeste a 6 km/h

Humidade: 52%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 20%



Chance of a Thunderstorm

Max: 33° C

Min: 21° C

Amanhecer: 09:01

Anoitecer: 21:59

Vento: Lés-sudeste a 6 km/h

Humidade: 50%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 40%

Sexta, 16 de Janeiro de 2015



Max: 33° C

Min: 23° C

Amanhecer: 09:01

Anoitecer: 21:59

Vento: Este a 6 km/h

Humidade: 50%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 10%

Sábado, 17 de Janeiro de 2015


Parcialmente Nublado

Max: 34° C

Min: 22° C

Amanhecer: 09:02

Anoitecer: 21:59

Vento: Lés-sudeste a 5 km/h

Humidade: 48%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 20%

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Pousada Buriti

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Pousada Suprema

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