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NASA Probe Prepares For Its Final Pass Around Ceres

This is the time of year that ancient Greeks gave thanks to the goddess Ceres for bringing forth a bountiful harvest. Modern planetary scientists give thanks to a different Ceres — not a goddess, but the largest object in the belt between Mars and ...

Ein erster Atlas des Zwergplaneten Ceres

Aus den Bildern der NASA-Sonde Dawn haben Planetenforscher des Deutschen Zentrums für Luft- und Raumfahrt jetzt den ersten Atlas des Zwergplaneten Ceres erstellt. Er basiert auf Aufnahmen, die aus einer Höhe von 4.400 Kilometern entstanden sind.

Ceres Police Officer Buys Groceries for Elderly Woman Who ...

A Ceres police officer bought an elderly woman groceries after her son, who took care of the 90-year-old, passed away on Monday. FOX40 spoke to Lorraine Hoselton off-camera because she was too heartbroken over the loss of her son to speak. Despite her ...

Ceres, Inc. Short Interest Update

Ceres, Inc. (NASDAQ:CERE) has seen a shortfall of 24,725 shares or 3.6% in the short interest. The remaining shorts are 8.6% of the total floated shares. The net short interest, as on November 13,2015, stood at 658,344 shares and the stocks days to ...


With Pepsi off the table, Ceres seems to have turned on the profit taps. Revenue was flat for the year ended-September, although Pioneer reckons market share was gained. Much sweeter was operating profit increasing a juicy 46% to R186m, with the margin ...

George Mason University spinoff plans to disrupt the diagnostics ...

But executives at George Mason University spinoff Ceres Nanosciences Inc. say they're poised to change that with a highly sensitive urine test they've developed for diagnosing the increasingly common tick-borne illness. They hope to get Food and Drug ...

Ceres Announces Fiscal Year 2015 Financial Results

Total revenues increased by $0.3 million to $2.7 million for the year ended August 31, 2015 compared to the previous fiscal year. Product sales increased by $0.3 million primarily due to increased biomass sales in Brazil. Services revenue remained ...

DPS 2015: First reconnaissance of Ceres by Dawn

Most of the news coming out of the first couple of days of the Division for Planetary Sciences meeting was about Pluto, but there are several other missions actively returning new data right now, notably Dawn and Rosetta. This is the first major ...

Time to Buy Ceres Global Ag Corp. After Today's Huge Decline?

The stock of Ceres Global Ag Corp. (TSE:CRP) is a huge mover today! The stock decreased 4.00% or $0.25 on November 23, hitting $6. About 21,639 shares traded hands or 184.05% up from the average. Ceres Global Ag Corp. (TSE:CRP) has risen 5.93% ...

See the pockmarked poles of Ceres in unprecedented detail: Nasa's ...

The north and south poles of dwarf planet Ceres have been captured in high-resolution for the first time by Nasa's Dawn probe. By combining images taken between August and October this year, Nasa has created the first comprehensive views of its polar ...

Ceres reaches fertilizer deal with Koch at…

Ceres Global Ag Corp, which owns the Northgate Commodities Logistics Centre at Northgate, Sask., has reached a fertilizer handling and storage agreement with Koch Fertilizer Canada. Ceres announced Nov. 17 that it has negotiated a deal that will give ...

Here's Our First Ever Look At The North And South Poles Of Ceres

Detailed maps of the polar regions allow researchers to study the craters in this area and compare them to those covering other parts of Ceres. Variations in shape and complexity can point to different surface compositions. In addition, the bottoms of ...

Company Shares of Ceres, Inc. (NASDAQ:CERE) Rally 7.68%

Shares of Ceres, Inc. (NASDAQ:CERE) appreciated by 7.68% during the past week but lost 7.55% on a 4-week basis. The shares have outperformed the S&P 500 by 4.27% in the past week but underperformed the index by 8.17% in the last 4 weeks. Ceres ...

Exclusive clip of Ceres from Syfy's new space noir 'The Expanse'

A revolution is coming, and the exclusive clip (above) from "The Expanse" takes us inside Ceres and reveals the citizens' unrest. The books, written by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (under the pen name James S. A. Corey) are science fiction of the ...

Ceres Park meldt klar til Superliga-kamp: Wieghorst vrager Vatsadze

Men når AGF i aften på Ceres Park i Aarhus igen får besøg af træner Thomas Franks tropper, må Mate Vatsadze se sig afløst af Jesper Lange. Hos Brøndby er er afbud fra rygskadede Lebogang Phiri. Hans plads på midtbanen overtages af Martin Eriksson.

HK Ceres chanslöst borta mot serieledaren

I Ceres stod Ida Rosman (åtta mål) och Alice Tollbring (sex mål) för bra insatser och duon var matchens bästa målskyttar. Positivt för Ceres var att målvakten Gabriella Forsberg och högersexan Ronja Andersson, som missat de fem senaste matcherna, var ...

Ceres graduate to coach at Delhi

Brian de la Porte, a 1999 graduate of Ceres High School was named head coach of the Hawks' varsity boys' basketball program on Monday. "I'm excited to be at Delhi," said de la Porte, 34. "They're giving me an opportunity to teach and coach there. I'm ...

Ceres Wins $500K From VBHRC to Further Develop Lyme Dx ...

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Ceres Nanosciences has begun offering its urine-based Lyme disease diagnostic nationwide. The company this month also received $500,000 from the Virginia Biosciences Health Research Corporation to develop a version of ...

Christine McCabe's desserts headed to Ceres' Table

Dining at Ceres' Table (3124 N. Broadway, 773-922-4020) just got a little sweeter. The Lakeview restaurant just announced that pastry whiz Christine McCabe has joined the team as executive pastry chef. McCabe will create desserts and brunch-menu ...

Ceres Delights: Dawn's Latest Dwarf Planet Views: Photos

After spending eight months at dwarf planet Ceres, the Dawn spacecraft is going to get a real close look at the surface. What the heck are those bright spots seen from afar? What sort of processes sculpt its airless surface? Scientists will get a ...

Mystery of the Ceres bright spots may soon be solved: Dawn probe ...

They have puzzled and captivated scientists since they were first spotted on the distant world of Ceres. But soon the mysterious bright 'alien' spots on the surface of the dwarf planet will be revealed in a series of close-up images taken by Nasa's ...

Ceres Announces Webcast of Fiscal Year 2015 Financial Results

19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Ceres, Inc. (Nasdaq: CERE), an agricultural biotechnology company, today announced that it will report financial results for fiscal year 2015 on Monday, November 23, 2015 after the close of the market. The company has scheduled ...

CERES SIGINT Satellite System

CERES (CapacitÉ de Renseignement Électromagnétique Spatiale) satellite system, the first operational space-based signal intelligence (SIGINT) system of the French Ministry of Defence, is scheduled for launch in 2020.

Ceres: enfrentamiento entre serenos y ambulantes deja 4 heridos

Armados con piedras y palos, los vendedores ambulantes de las inmediaciones del Mercado de Ceres, en Ate, se resistieron a ser desalojados por los serenos y agentes de fiscalización de la municipalidad distrital. El enfrentamiento dejó como saldo al ...

Výpravu k trpasličím planetám Pluto a Ceres chystá pardubická ...

V pátek 27. listopadu od 19 hodin se uskuteční další z řady tradičních populárně vzdělávacích přednášek Hvězdárny barona Artura Krause DDM ALFA Pardubice. O aktuálních výsledcích z výzkumu trpasličích planet Pluto a Ceres bude hovořit Mgr. Petr ...

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Tempo em Ceres


17° C

Max.: 34° C

Min.: 21° C

Indice UV: -

Vento: %West a 3.22 km/h

Humidade: 95%

Visibilidade: 2.0 km

Ponto condensação: 17º C

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Parcialmente Nublado

Max: 34° C

Min: 21° C

Amanhecer: 09:00

Anoitecer: 21:58

Vento: Sul-sudeste a 6 km/h

Humidade: 52%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 20%



Chance of a Thunderstorm

Max: 33° C

Min: 21° C

Amanhecer: 09:01

Anoitecer: 21:59

Vento: Lés-sudeste a 6 km/h

Humidade: 50%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 40%

Sexta, 16 de Janeiro de 2015



Max: 33° C

Min: 23° C

Amanhecer: 09:01

Anoitecer: 21:59

Vento: Este a 6 km/h

Humidade: 50%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 10%

Sábado, 17 de Janeiro de 2015


Parcialmente Nublado

Max: 34° C

Min: 22° C

Amanhecer: 09:02

Anoitecer: 21:59

Vento: Lés-sudeste a 5 km/h

Humidade: 48%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 20%

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Pousada Buriti

Pousada Buriti

Av Deusdeteh Ferreira de Moura, 7171

Entre 95 e reais

Pousada Suprema

Pousada Suprema

Rua Virgilio Godinho Qd A Lote 1 e 2

Entre 99 e reais

Pousada Gold

Pousada Gold

Rua Jose Gabriel, 34

Entre 150 e 317 reais