Notícias de Ceres

Ceres/GO vence o Umuarama por WO, mas não garante vaga na ...

Pela sexta rodada do grupo A da terceira divisão goiana, o Ceres viajou para encarar o Umuarama e levou a melhor, vencendo por W.O, no estádio Ferreirão. O resultado de W.O foi definido pelo árbitro Simão Antônio por conta da falta de um médico na ...

Colorful map reveals clues about Ceres' bright spots

"The irregular shapes of craters on Ceres are especially interesting, resembling craters we see on Saturn's icy moon Rhea," said Carol Raymond, Dawn's deputy principal investigator at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. "They are very different from the ...

NASA's Dawn sends interesting data about the dwarf planet Ceres

A second Ceres map, in false color, highlights compositional differences present on the surface. This week at the European Planetary Science Conference in Nantes, France, the mysteries and insights about Ceres are being discussed. NASA's Dawn ...

Mais imagens de Ceres; o mistério adensa-se

A verdade é que o tempo passa, a sonda Dawn está em órbita há seis meses, há, portanto, mais informação, mas não se consegue perceber a origem destes pontos. Sabe-se que são várias as manchas em diversas crateras. Serão sais? Não passa de ...

Mysterious Bright Spots On Dwarf Planet Ceres Are Not Likely Made ...

NASA believes the number of mysterious bright spots reflecting back from Ceres' surface are "a huge salt deposit" and not ice. This follows months of investigating images of the dwarf planet from the Dawn spacecraft.

NASA sigue asombrada y desconcertada con planeta Ceres

Ceres continúa asombrándonos y desconcertándonos mientras examinamos una gran variedad de imágenes, espectros, y ahora también brotes de partículas energéticas, afirmó Chris Russell, investigador principal de la misión de la nave espacial Dawn, ...

Experten tappen im Dunkeln: Mysteriöse Leuchtflecke auf Ceres ...

Über diese ist es möglich Rückschlüsse über die Oberflächenzusammensetzung von Ceres zu ziehen. Was jedoch die hellen Flecken im Inneren der Krater verursacht, konnte auch mit dem neuen Bildmaterial bisher noch nicht geklärt werden. Bis es keine ...

New Maps of Ceres Highlight Mysterious Bright Spots, Giant Mountain

The new maps of Ceres come courtesy of NASA's Dawn spacecraft, which has been orbiting the heavily cratered dwarf planet since March. The maps highlight the compositional and elevation differences across Ceres, the largest object in the main asteroid ...

Ceres mountains and craters named for food

COVERED WITH CROPS This false-color map of Ceres obtained by the Dawn spacecraft highlights the dwarf planet's newly named features and its changing mineral composition. Red marks places that strongly reflect infrared light whereas blue regions ...

Something Odd Is Happening on Ceres and this Map Could be the ...

Our fly-by of Ceres continues to give us things to wonder over, like this topographic map which has revealed something quite strange about the dwarf planet—actually a couple of things. One of the odd things that has already been noted are the shapes ...

Só lehet a Ceres törpebolygón

A Ceres törpebolygó eddigi legrészletesebb domborzati térképét tették közzé az amerikai űrkutatási hivatal (NASA) szakemberei az égitest körül keringő Dawn űrszonda legfrissebb felvételeinek köszönhetően, ugyanakkor továbbra sem találnak ...

Nieuwe landkaart van Ceres toont fascinerend oppervlak

Zo heet een 20 kilometer brede berg op de noordpool van Ceres nu 'Ysolo Mons', vernoemd naar een festival in Albanië, waarbij de eerste oogst van aubergines wordt gevierd. Ook hebben diverse kraters een exotische naam gekregen, zoals Ezinu, Urvara, ...

Ceres Scores With Licensing Agreement

Ceres, Inc. (NASDAQ: CERE) is showing signs of life in the market on Tuesday regarding a recent licensing agreement. The company announced that KWS SAAT SE, a global seed developer with operations in over 70 counties, will evaluate Ceres' ...

Time honored tradition of Preston County Buckwheat Festival ...

Jordan Gage Goodwin and Matthew Biggins were crowned as the 74th Queen Ceres and King Buckwheat before approximately 300 people at the former Central Preston Middle School athletic field. Both Goodwin and Biggins said they were ready for their big ...

Cross country: Patterson tallies a win versus Ceres High

The Patterson High School cross country team welcomed Ceres High School at the T.W. Patterson Sports Complex for a Western Athletic Conference (WAC) league meet on the afternoon of Sept. 23. Patterson has shown improvement as the season has ...

Company Shares of Ceres, Inc. (NASDAQ:CERE) Drops by -1.82%

Ceres, Inc. (NASDAQ:CERE) has lost 1.82% during the past week and dropped 5.26% in the last 4 weeks. The shares are however, marginally negative as compared to the S&P 500 for the past week with a loss of 0.46%. Ceres, Inc. (NASDAQ:CERE) has ...

Ceres e Inhumas não tiram o zero do placar

Abrindo a segunda rodada do segundo turno do Campeonato Goiano da Terceira Divisão, Ceres e Inhumas se enfrentaram e não passaram de um empate em 0 a 0, no Centro Olímpico, na tarde deste sábado. Com o resultado em igualdade, o Inhumas ...

Science Notes: Argentine ants deliver fatal virus to honeybees ...

New images captured by NASA's Dawn spacecraft provide the best view to date of bright spots on the dwarf planet Ceres – though nobody yet knows what they are. Ceres is thought to hold water beneath its surface. The bright spots, spangled across the ...

Puntos luminosos y vapor de agua en el planeta enano Ceres

Cuando se trata de planetas perdedores, es posible que Ceres ocupe el primer lugar de la lista. Seguro que has oído hablar de cuando Plutón fue degradado a planeta enano. Pero antes que Plutón, estuvo Ceres. Ceres también fue una vez un miembro ...

NASA tem novas imagens de Ceres, mas o mistério continua

Veja o vídeo. A Agência Espacial Norte-americana (NASA) continua a investigar as manchas "luminosas" que a sonda Dawn encontrou na superfície de Ceres, mas ainda não tem explicação para esta misteriosa e inesperada característica do planeta anão.

Nasa divulga novas imagens em alta resolução do planeta-anão ...

A Nasa divulgou na última terça-feira (25) mais uma série de imagens do planeta-anão Ceres captadas por sua sonda Dawn. As fotos em alta resolução foram as mais próximas até agora tiradas pela nave, de uma altitude de 1,47 mil quilômetros do objeto, ...

Grupo Ceres redireciona investimentos para o mercado de smart ...

A Ceres Participações, holding cujos investimentos nos últimos dez anos concentraram-se em uma dezena de empresas de segmentos variados, incluindo Tecnologia da Informação, Imobiliário e Varejo, está anunciando um novo direcionamento. A partir de ...

Ceres, la convulsa historia del primer planeta "degradado" del ...

Ceres es lo suficientemente grande para que la gravedad lo haya hecho redondo, lo que lo clasifica también como planeta enano. A pesar de este estatus humilde, Ceres está demostrando ser mucho más interesante que otra roca cualquiera del espacio.

Ask an expert: What are those two shining lights on planet Ceres?

The bright spots on Ceres are sunlight reflected from the edge of an impact crater. Yet what reflects this light? Is it piled ice or salt, recently churned up from beneath the surface of Ceres by a meteor impact? Or is the ice reflected by something else?

Ceres Fruit Growers face 'mother of all marches'

CAPE TOWN - Ceres Fruit Growers could face what the Food and Allied Workers' Union (Fawu) call “the mother of all marches” if it does not give in to wage hike demands. More than 1,200 of the company's workers downed tools more than two weeks ago, ...

Ceres Fruit Growers 'lost millions' since strike started

CAPE TOWN – Ceres Fruit Growers says it's lost millions of rand since a strike started more than two weeks ago. Workers aligned to the Food and Allied Workers Union (Fawu) are demanding a 12.5 percent pay increase. The company says it can only afford ...

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