Notícias de Patis

Após perder o controle da direção, motociclista morre em Patis

Um homem de 20 anos morreu em um acidente de moto, em Patis, no Norte de Minas Gerais, nesse domingo (10). A Polícia Militar fazia patrulhamento quando encontrou um homem caído às margens de uma estrada. Segundo a PM, a vítima perdeu o ...

Confira o regulamento da Copa Inter TV de futsal 2014 no Norte de ...

Podem participar escolas, clubes, associações de bairros. A competição é uma realização da Rede Inter TV, afiliada da Rede Globo, com as prefeituras dos municípios sede do evento. Sete cidades já estão confirmadas: Cristália, São Romão, Patis, Araçuaí, ...

Smoking Bylaw In Effect

Smoking is now against the law at all parks, playgrounds, bus stops, beaches and sports fields in Chatham-Kent. The new bylaw banning smoking outdoors in Chatham-Kent comes into effect today. Anyone caught smoking on municipal property will be ...

Terry Fox Run Needs Volunteers

This is the second year running the event for Adam and Jessica Barton, who took over when it was in jeapordy of not happening. They have added a superhero theme to this year's run and hope to draw the biggest crowd yet on September 14. “Most of our ...

Ask the Author: Joakim Zander

By Vikki Patis. I spoke to debut author Joakim Zander about his writing process. Zander's debut novel, The Swimmer, was released last month. 9781781859179 Joakim Zander was born in in Stockholm, Sweden in 1975. As he grew up, he also lived in Syria ...

The Bachelor's Tim Robards toughs it out for obstacle race

One true believer was the Patis' father, Pene snr. He nurtured the boys' talent, encouraging them to perform at the rest home where he worked. As the trio prepare for their first Australian tour, Pati says he still has "surreal" moments on stage ...

Enrollment Steady At Catholic Board

An increase in enrollment at the elementary level is offsetting a drop in the number of students at the secondary level across the St. Clair Catholic District School Board. This is the first year all schools across the board have offered full day ...

Hospital Awaits Imagine Project Approval

Officials at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance are still waiting on Ministry of Health approval to move onto the next stage of planning for the Imagine Project. The Imagine Project would see a completely new hospital surrounded by a campus of care built ...

Thief Assaults Store Employee

A Wallaceburg woman is facing a total of five charges following a shoplifting incident on St. Clair St. in Chatham. Investigators say officers were called to a businesses on St. Clair St. around 12:30pm Thursday afternoon. A female suspect was ...

Unmarked Cruisers Target Distracted Drivers

“Almost 50% of Grade 12 students have admitted to texting while driving. As of June 30 of this year, the OPP have laid over 10,000 charges,” says OPP Sergeant Dave Rektor. “The worst part of this survey shows that the mindset of these drivers is that ...

Patis Tesoro redefines Filipiniana for younger market

PATIS Pamintuan Tesoro: “Filipiniana is changing.We have to change the look and the concept.” Patis Pamintuan Tesoro has regular clients from as far as Singapore and the United States. Strangely, the one designer known for championing Filipiniana wear ...

Great new find: Ninak is delicious spelled backwards

For years the patis bought off supermarket shelves was fairly homogenous: various brands of dark-brown liquor that was quite salty and packed a polite punch. My generation, at least, grew up thinking that this was the only taste possible for fish sauce.

Court Appearances Set In Confinement Case

The London home where a child was locked in a bedroom for 18-24 months. May 30, 2014. (Photo by Ashton Patis). The case of a 10-year old boy locked in a filthy bedroom for up to two years return to court Thursday. The man and woman accused of keeping ...

Tenants defy Guthi's calls to pay rent

“Some of the shutters have already been demolished or are in dilapidated condition due to lack of timely renovation,” said Subedi, adding that a number of dharmashalas, patis and pauwas (free resthouses) of historical and cultural importance all over ...

Ask the Author: George RR Martin

George RR Martin is, of course, a man who needs no introduction. Not only is he the author of A Song of Ice and Fire, the inspiration for the HBO series Game of Thrones, but the rest of his bibliography is also extremely impressive. Fevre Dream, Tuf ...

From rows over boxes of paper to a £1m turnover

From rows over boxes of paper to a £1m turnover. GOING PLACES: Adler Business Systems. Barry Bruce with wife Beverley, sons Luke and Craig, daughter Shelley, who all work in the firm, and Laura Patis and Stacey Belbin.

Boston Celebrity Chefs Share Recipes

Then, strain through a cheese cloth to remove solids, and set oil aside while preparing the next steps of the recipe. Red Curry Vinaigrette: Put curry paste, lemongrass, vinegar and patis into a blender until smooth. Keep the blender running and add ...

Internet Luring Charges In Blenheim

Investigators say parents had realized the man was sending inappropriate Facebook messages to their child and had asked to meet with the child in person. Police were able to identify the man as a Blenheim resident. He was arrested and remains in ...

Maria Clara on the street

PATIS TESORO is no stranger to Instagram. Over an intimate lunch showcase of her Holiday 2014-2015 collection for Rustan's, Ms. Tesoro happily snapped away at her food. While models paraded between courses, the Grand Dame of Philippine Fashion ...

Ford Eyeing Windsor Investment

There are talks Ford is looking at making a $1.5-billion investment in Windsor, but details remain scarce. It is believed Ford is looking for a North American plant to manufacture two different types of engines. “There are some on-going discussions.

France funds conversion of Pamintuan Mansion in Pampanga into ...

The artifacts to be displayed will come from the catalogue of 740 pieces from Patis Tesoro's collection, who is a designer of embroidered textile and formal wear fabrics and history advocate here in the country. A total of 105 pieces of textiles and ...

On a sweet note

15 grams gelatin. 100 grams Patis France Starfix (pectin based glaze). 1 ml Nielsen Massey Rose water. Method. Bloom gelatin in cold water. Heat the puree, sugar and add the gelatin to melt. Cool to room temp and mix the Starfix using an immersion ...

Community tourism success story

They will play with you the piko, bagol, tumba-patis, tubiganay, panagu-ay and balay-balay. They are also ready to engage in volleyball and basketball. The old folks will chant San Roque hymns or lull you to laughter with their dancing-song. Visiting Hda.

Fotos de Patis

Patis (MG) Matriz de Sant'Ana

Conjunto habitacional em Patis, próximo ao estádio.

Biblioteca e a Escola Municipal Joana Ferreira de Barros

Chegando em Patis

Praça Alvino Pereira, na saída de Patis para São João da Ponte.

Governador Anastasia em Patis

Escola Estadual Francisco Andrade

Rua Sebastião Rocha

Centro de eventos de Patis

Vídeos de Patis

Candidato Arlan (PTB) e vice Adelson (PSDB) são flagrados comprando votos em <em>Patis</em>

Em <em>Patis</em> todo mundo é 15

Secretário do Governo declara apoio a Vinícius e Jader 15

Inauguração do Comitê de Casa Nova - <em>Patis</em>-MG "Melhores Momentos"

Inauguração do Comitê de Casa Nova - <em>Patis</em>-MG.

Inauguração do Comitê de Casa Nova - <em>Patis</em>-MG

dj rafael de <em>patis</em> mg

Plano de governo da coligação <em>Patis</em> para Todos 15


Tempo em Patis



22° C

Max.: 35° C

Min.: 22° C

Indice UV: -

Vento: Sudoeste a 6.44 km/h

Humidade: 50%

Visibilidade: N/A km

Ponto condensação: 22º C

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Parcialmente Nublado

Max: 35° C

Min: 22° C

Amanhecer: 09:00

Anoitecer: 20:49

Vento: Nor-nordeste a 6 km/h

Humidade: 24%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 0%



Parcialmente Nublado

Max: 36° C

Min: 22° C

Amanhecer: 08:59

Anoitecer: 20:49

Vento: Nor-nordeste a 10 km/h

Humidade: 29%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 0%

Quinta, 04 de Setembro de 2014



Max: 34° C

Min: 17° C

Amanhecer: 08:58

Anoitecer: 20:49

Vento: Sudeste a 11 km/h

Humidade: 36%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 20%

Sexta, 05 de Setembro de 2014



Max: 28° C

Min: 14° C

Amanhecer: 08:58

Anoitecer: 20:49

Vento: Lés-sudeste a 21 km/h

Humidade: 49%

Probabilidade de Chuva: 10%

Cep de Patis

Total de CEP: 2

39425-972 - Rua Sebastião Rocha Centro

39425-000 -

Mapa de Patis


Village das Minas Hotel

Village das Minas Hotel

Rua Montes Claros, n.1534

Entre 110 e reais

Pousada Arco-Íris

Pousada Arco-Íris

Rua Seis de Outubro ,1750

Entre 150 e reais

Pousada Pico do Sol

Pousada Pico do Sol

Rua Treze de Fevereiro, 80

Entre 100 e reais