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Lost On The River Island/Harvest | CD DL LP

FOR ALL THE HUSHED REVERENCE that surrounds The Basement Tapes and their almost mythical creation underneath a big pink house in West Saugerties long ago, the one thing they aren't is tasteful. Robbie Robertson recalled some of the sessions in ...

Bob Dylan and 'The Basement Tapes,' by the numbers

On Nov. 4, Bob Dylan superfans finally found their holy grail: “The Basement Tapes Complete,” a comprehensive, six-disc set of Dylan and The Band's famed (and oft-bootlegged) 1967 recordings made in upstate New York. The following week saw the ...

Jim James and the New Basement Tapes Play Swinging 'Nothing to ...

My Morning Jacket's Jim James and Carolina Chocolate Drops' Rhiannon Giddens took turns leading the New Basement Tapes supergroup through two tracks on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night, performing both "Nothing to It" and "Duncan and Jimmy" ...

Watch The New Basement Tapes Play Two Songs On Kimmel

The New Basement Tapes — which features Elvis Costello, My Morning Jacket's Jim James, and Mumford & Sons' Marcus Mumford, among others — is a supergroup that exists entirely to finish up unfinished songs from Bob Dylan and the Band's Basement ...

The New Basement Tapes Perform 'Duncan & Jimmy' + 'Nothing to It ...

Last night (Nov. 19), supergroup the New Basement Tapes — Elvis Costello, My Morning Jacket's Jim James, Carolina Chocolate Drops' Rhiannon Giddens, Mumford and Sons' Marcus Mumford and Dawes' Taylor Goldsmith — performed a pair of songs ...

In Lost Songs, folk-rock heavyweights tackle unheard Bob Dylan lyrics

For casual fans of Bob Dylan and The Band, the 1975 album The Basement Tapes is an essential piece of rock history: a belated document of what Dylan and some members of his touring band were up to during the spring and summer of 1967 in Woodstock, ...

TV Review: 'Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued'

Capturing the creative process onscreen is always challenging, and Showtime's “Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued” at best fitfully succeeds. Built around producer T Bone Burnett's effort to produce an album based on lyrics Bob Dylan wrote nearly ...

MI5 tapes from Newry house 'show dissident tensions'

Secret MI5 recordings reveal disputes between rival factions of the Continuity IRA, a court has heard. Tensions between its Belfast and Newry wings are captured in the recordings, a prosecution lawyer said. He was opposing a bail application by one of ...

Jaden Smith's 'Cool Tapes Vol. 2' is Full of 'Fire'!

Jaden Smith keeps his phone charged with a backup battery while exiting Le Pain Quotidien after grabbing lunch on Wednesday (November 19) in Los Angeles. The day before, the 16-year-old entertainer released his new album Cool Tapes Vol.

The New Basement Tapes: Lost on the River

Bob Dylan and the Band's Basement Tapes comes with a heavy rock history. Numerous books have been written on the subject, taking the music into the realms of archaeology, with Greil Marcus' Invisible Republic/The Old, Weird America and Sid Griffin's ...

From hiding money to media control, scandalous tapes proven ...

A-day long ordeal to hide $1 billion cash, bashing media patrons, mocking Qur'an and arranging hookers. Scandalous voice recordings of Turkey's then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, family and ministers that rocked the nation for months have ...

Jaden Smith to release 'Cool Tapes Vol. 2' via his own app

Jaden Smith told the New York Times' T Magazine that he and his sister, Willow, are “just trying to make music that we think is cool,” so it makes sense that his latest album is titled Cool Tapes Vol. 2.

Chilling tapes emerge to haunt police over death of Brazilian student

Chilling recordings of police radio conversations have been played in court today as part of a case against four officers charged over the death of Brazilian student Roberto Curti. The tapes reveal police tried to save the young man's life after ...

Lista: estrelas da música que se envolveram em casos de sex tapes

Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe): na época em que estrelas do rock ainda estavam em voga, as sex tapes de rockstars ainda faziam sucesso. Vince Neil, vocalista do Mötley Crüe, se envolveu em um caso de uma fita gravada com duas estrelas do mundo pornô.

Em 09/11/1979: Iron Maiden lança The Soundhouse Tapes

O estoque esgotou-se em poucas semanas, o que fez de 'Soundhouse Tapes' um valioso item de colecionador, podendo alcançar até 800 Libras [R$ 2900 pelo câmbio de hoje] dependendo de seu estado de conservação. ")[1].split(" pessoa gostou.

Husband Secretly Tapes Wife Breaking It Down to Salt N' Pepa

If you want to sing along to Salt N' Pepa's “None of Your Business” in your car and bust out a few dance moves while you do it, that's nobody's business but your own— unless it turns out your husband is secretly taping your expert flow, and then the ...

Grant High School sex tapes being investigated

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — The alleged filming by Grant High School students of other students engaged in sexual activity is being investigated by the Sex Crimes Unit of the Portland police. A school resource officer received a tip about the activity ...

'GMA' Lost Tapes: See the Anchors Before They Were Famous

Transcript for 'GMA' Lost Tapes: See the Anchors Before They Were Famous. Another one of our incredible ideas we're calling this parade. Chaos tapes stiff like that and I'm not entirely unlike the lord and lady. Com and keep you may have never heard of ...

Light falls on long-lost Moon mission tapes

Light falls on long-lost Moon mission tapes Physics Professor, Brian O'Brien in his Floreat home with one of many Moon Mission data tapes he has as part of his involvement in NASA's moon program. Picture: Bill Hatto/The West Australian. Eight years ago ...

How a 26-Year-Old Bob Dylan Made the Most Famous Bootleg ...

And because the “basement tapes” were never released in anything approaching their entirety—never, that is, until earlier this month, when Columbia Records released a lavish, and lavishly priced, six-CD set—pirated versions of the recordings acquired ...

Marcus Mumford, Elvis Costello, More Bring Their New Basement ...

As a tribute to Bob Dylan's legendary team-up with the band in 1967, a group of A-list acolytes have banded together to give life to a few lost songs from those sessions as The New Basement Tapes. Marcus Mumford, Elvis Costello, Jim James, the Caroline ...

Foo Fighters, The New Basement Tapes e Pink Floyd estão nos ...

Sempre que tentarem diminuir a importância do Nirvana na história da música contemporânea, é bom citar os Foo Fighters. Ou alguém consegue se lembrar de outra banda formada por um ex-baterista - ou outro integrante de menor destaque - que fez/faz ...

Marcus Mumford and the New Basement Tapes Take 'Ellen' to ...

Just a few days after hitting The Tonight Show, the New Basement Tapes supergroup closed the week out on Friday by showcasing their lost Bob Dylan songs project on Ellen. The band, combining the talents of Elvis Costello, Marcus Mumford, Jim James, the ...

Marcus Mumford, Jim James, Elvis Costello perform as The New ...

Earlier this week, The New Basement Tapes made their live debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, with Costello singing lead on “Lost on the River”. On Friday, it was Mumford's turn to serve as frontman, as he sang “Kansas City” on Ellen.

Bob Dylan's unguarded moment: The glorious subversion of the new ...

“The Basement Tapes” is the most notorious bootleg in the history of rock 'n' roll. In the late 1960s, Bob Dylan recorded some long, loose, loopy sessions with members of the Band, and for years these demos/field recordings/gag reels were available ...

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