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Lost Jack Bruce Tapes VI: Cream's Sound Fiasco, More Band Tension

In the first, second, third, fourth and fifth parts of this 1997 “lost tapes” interview series with late Cream bassist Jack Bruce, we discussed his Scottish roots, Sunshine Of Your Love, drugs, Cream's breakup, David Letterman, the Rock And Roll Hall ...

'Released St Stephen's Principal's Tapes in Self-Defence': Student ...

A day after she submitted audio recordings of the Principal of St Stephen's allegedly trying to protect her assailant, a Delhi University Ph.D student has told NDTV that she released the tapes in self-defence. In an interview to NDTV, her first since ...

NPA files papers in 'spy tapes' case

The tapes allegedly reveal collusion between the former head of the directorate of special operations - the now defunct Scorpions - Leonard McCarthy, and the NPA's former head Bulelani Ngcuka, to manipulate the prosecution of Zuma before the ANC's ...

'The Vatican Tapes' Spooky New Featurette Shows Pope Francis ...

The chilling new horror thriller "The Vatican Tapes," set to release in theaters July 24, follows the ultimate battle between good and evil, God versus Satan. The movie is produced by Pantelion Films, which describes itself as the first major Latino ...

UPDATE: NPA files 'spy tapes' papers

JOHANNESBURG – The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) on Friday filed its papers in the spy tapes case. It had missed the previous deadline, saying its team needed more time to finalise its heads of argument. It the papers filed on Friday morning ...

`Vatican Tapes` coming to scare Indian audiences on July 31

While the trend is on the upswing here in Bollywood, the market for movies like 'Vatican Tapes' is ever-expanding. We have already seen a couple of success stories from the genre this year," Sunil Udhani, distribution head, Multivision Multimedia Pvt ...

St Stephen's student stumps Thampu with audio tapes

The research scholar handed over the tapes to the police, alleging that Thampu pressured her to drop her complaint. The student had on June 19 lodged an FIR against 40-year- old Kumar, alleging that she was sexually assaulted by him and that the ...

IT boss 'blown away' that IRS backup tapes in Lerner case erased ...

The chief technology officer at the IRS was "blown away" after learning backup tapes that likely contained messages to and from controversial ex-official Lois Lerner were destroyed, according to an internal government watchdog report. The 1,600-page ...

Vancouver teacher scores a hit with spooky podcast The Black Tapes

The Vancouver teacher, writer, actor and comedian is one the creative forces behind The Black Tapes Podcast, which is, as perfectly described on its website, “a serialized docudrama about one journalist's search for truth, her enigmatic subject's ...

Gawker's Lawyer Implies Government Possibly Altered Hulk Hogan ...

Gawker lawyer Seth Berlin said he recently viewed the three tapes and compared them to official transcripts of the tapes created while they were supposedly in FBI possession. When Berlin watched the tape later, a portion didn't match up to the ...

Jack Bruce Lost Tapes IV: 'White Room Was My Favorite Cream Song'

In the first, second and third parts of this 1997 “lost tapes” interview series with late Cream bassist Jack Bruce, he discussed his Scottish roots, Sunshine Of Your Love, Cream's breakup, David Letterman and the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, among other ...

Candidate Chris Christie's Leaked Tapes Show Preference for Exec ...

Tapes from 2011, reported on exclusively by Radio Sputnik BradCast's Brad Friedman, showed Christie giving a speech to the American Enterprise Institute, a think tank which receives funding from the Charles G. Koch Foundation. In the tapes, Christie ...


THE VATICAN TAPES has just released a new featurette that features interviews with stars Michael Peña, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Djimon Honsou, and director Mark Neveldine. Check it out! THE VATICAN TAPES hits theaters July 24th! THE VATICAN TAPES ...

Lost Jack Bruce Tapes III: Letterman, RR Hall Of Fame, Frankie Lymon

In the first two installments of my 1997 “lost tapes” interview with late bassist Jack Bruce at the Savoy Hotel, we discussed Cream's breakup in 1968, writing Sunshine Of Your Love and Eric Clapton's sense of fashion, among other things. Here, Bruce ...

Construction Flashing and Tapes Demand on the Rise for $2.1 ...

Construction flashing and tapes have transitioned from being optional building materials to required functional products that improve the tightness of the building envelope. The $2.1 billion market is experiencing a shift in preferred product types ...

Spy tapes case: NPA 'deeply regrets' failure to file papers

The party's application follows its eventual receipt of "spy tapes" which it believes contain enough information to proceed with a review application of the decision to drop the charges against Zuma. The DA was handed the tapes last year after the ...

Spy tapes: I didn't delay Zuma prosecution, says Mpshe

The tapes, containing recorded phone conversations, allegedly revealed collusion between the former head of the directorate of special operations - the now defunct Scorpions - Leonard McCarthy, and the NPA's former head Bulelani Ngcuka to manipulate ...

Lost Jack Bruce Tapes, Part II: 'Eric Clapton Was Fashion Conscious'

In the first part of this “lost tapes” interview series with Jack Bruce, the late bassist discussed writing Sunshine Of Your Love and drug use in Cream, among other things. Here, Bruce details why he thinks Cream ultimately self-destructed, why he ...

A haunting descent into darkness in “The Vatican Tapes

THE VATICAN TAPES_ Rewriting the horror genre, “The Vatican Tapes” began when Lionsgate and Lakeshore Entertainment received the haunting spec script that took the classic horror concept of demonic possession and elevated it to an even more ...

New Vatican Tapes Featurette Begins Playing

A new featurette for The Vatican Tapes has hit the Interwebs with the intent to possess the hearts of horror fans everywhere and we have a look at it for you right here. The Vatican Tapes is directed by Mark Neveldine (Crank). The demonic possession ...

Bob Dylan found refuge, artistic rebirth with the Band on The ...

Bob Dylan was, as The Basement Tapes were being put down, a wreck — overworked, over analyzed, over doing it. In trying to forge an electrified version of his own music, with most of the Band in tow, he had pushed himself to the limit. Still, as the ...

Encontrado corpo de taxista que havia desaparecido em Tapes, RS

O corpo de Hervandil Gomes Garcia foi localizado por volta das 2h desta segunda-feira (29), na Estrada da Alvorada, que dá acesso à BR-116 em Tapes, no Rio Grande do Sul. Conforme a Brigada Militar do município, o corpo do taxista foi encontrado por ...

Rihanna duct-tapes Floyd Mayweather's mouth shut

Rihanna duct-tapes Floyd Mayweather's mouth shut at BET Awards. Well, this certainly didn't happen in the new Fifty Shades of Grey book. Feeling cheeky: Rihanna at the BET Awards Photo: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP. By Kat Brown. 8:50AM BST 29 Jun 2015.

FBI confirms existence of 3 sex tapes in Hulk Hogan lawsuit

The FBI confirmed on Friday the existence of three videos of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan and Heather Clem, the pair at the center of a sex tape that has spurred a multi-million dollar invasion of privacy lawsuit against Gawker Media.

Lost Jack Bruce Tapes: Sunshine Of Your Love, Drugs, Ginger Baker

My recent series with Cream drummer Ginger Baker provided the catalyst for me finally to locate the lost tapes from an interview I did with Jack Bruce in 1997. At the time, the bassist discussed many things Cream, among them the possibility of a ...

Naidu Tapes: Congress Demands CBI Inquiry in Cash-for-Vote Case

Congress today demanded a CBI inquiry into the cash-for-vote case allegedly involving Telangana TDP MLA A Revanth Reddy. "...We don't want a constitutional crisis to emerge. We would like that both Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu ...

The Vatican Tapes Official Trailer 2015 & Movie Coming To ...

The Vatican Tapes Official Trailer : The trailer of the Hollywood movie “The VATICAN TAPES” is been awesome and there will be most entertainment as the movie is going to be on released on 24th July. It is the American supernatural horror film which is ...

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