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Efetivo reduzido impede reintegração de posse em Tapes

A Brigada Militar, que havia sido notificada desde a última sexta-feira, 17, para realizar a desintegração de posse de uma fazenda em Tapes, ainda não conseguiu remover os manifestantes do Movimento Sem Terra (MST) da propriedade em função do ...

Silence Please: Kieron Pollard Tapes His Mouth After Warning From ...

Mumbai Indians all-rounder Kieron Pollard literally put tape on his mouth when he was asked by the umpire to not talk too much. Reported by: NDTVSports. Last updated on Sunday, 19 April, 2015 23:19 IST. Total Shares. Kieron Pollard tape MI. Pollard ...

Footballer sex tapes stolen during Hatton Garden jewellers heist

Sex tapes and saucy pictures featuring top professional footballers could be among the loot which was collected by the burglars who raided the safety deposit company in the Hatton Garden heist. SEE MORE: Dani Alves: Barcelona make 11th hour bid to ...

Fuat Avni: MİT head Fidan leaked former Minister Ala's phone tapes ...

A government whistleblower who tweets under the pseudonym Fuat Avni claimed on Saturday that the details of a phone conversation between former Interior Minister Efkan Ala and Ağrı Governor Musa Işın about an operation on April 11 in which five ...

Sobe para quatro o número de mortes após acidente em Tapes, RS

Três das quatro pessoas que ficaram feridas no acidente da noite desta sexta-feira (17) em Tapes, na Região Sul do Rio Grande do Sul, morreram nos hospitais. A colisão entre um carro e um caminhão aconteceu por volta das 21h30 no km 369 da BR-116.

BM de Tapes pede reforço para desocupar área invadida pelo MST.

O comando regional da Brigada Militar na Região Sul do Estado entrou em contato com o comando geral da corporação, para pedir reforço para realizar a reintegração de posse de área invadida pelo Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem-Terra (MST) ...

Singer Demands Return Of Defining Album Tapes

It sold more than one million copies - and the fight for custody of the master tapes comes before a potentially lucrative 25th anniversary next year. A&M records are suing Raj Parashar, who along with his brother founded London Bridge Studios in ...

Chris Cornell Sides With Record Company Over Temple Of The Dog ...

In the case of ownership over the Temple of the Dog master tapes, Chris Cornell, who sang on the tapes, is siding with the record label. Recently, A&M Records sued the owner of the studio where the 1991 album Temple of the Dog was recorded.

Justiça determina reintegração de fazenda ocupada pelo MST em ...

A Justiça de Tapes determinou que o Movimento Sem Terra (MST), que ocupa terreno no interior da cidade localizada ao sul do Estado, deverá deixar a área. A juíza Maria Aline Cazali Oliveira, da 1ª Vara Judicial da Comarca de Tapes, deferiu o pedido ...

The Top Ten VHS Tapes People Still Buy

Believe it or not, people still buy VHS tapes. The aging format has been in decline for years, but between the collectors and the luddites, there's a big enough market for Amazon to maintain a massive library of tapes for sale. You'd never guess what ...

Jeff Bridges On His Sleeping Tapes Album, Flying Dreams and the ...

But that's exactly what happened when Bridges' surrealist LP, The Sleeping Tapes, an album that promises to "help you get a good night's rest," garnered a cult following after it debuted in a Squarespace Super Bowl commercial. And since it's part of ...

In-Situ® Inc. Donates Water Level Tapes to Sierra Leone to Help ...

Sierra Leone is in the grip of the worst Ebola outbreak in history and the dip tapes are being used to monitor groundwater levels at wells and boreholes adjacent to Ebola Care Facilities. The tapes will then be deployed to local councils to help ...

Jose Lobaton tapes ball to bat -- the only way he can get them to meet

Jose Lobaton, a backup catcher for the Washington Nationals, came into play Thursday 0 for 5 with three strikeouts in seven plate appearances. Not a lot of bat-on-ball contact so far. As we know from "Bull Durham" and real life, ballplayers will try ...

Integrantes do MST invadem fazenda em área rural de Tapes, RS

Integrantes do Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) invadiram na madrugada desta quinta-feira (16) uma fazenda da área rural de Tapes, na Região Sul do Rio Grande do Sul. De acordo com a Brigada Militar, parte deles teria efetuado ...

Chris Cornell says recording studio has no right to master tapes

Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell said Tuesday that the co-founder of a famed Seattle recording studio has no legitimate claim to own the master tapes of a defining album of the grunge era – “Temple of the Dog,” which Cornell recorded with Eddie ...

Pacquiao watches Mayweather fight tapes, says Koncz

“This is the first time in 10 years with Manny that I have seen him watch video tapes of a fight,” he said in an interview during Pacquiao's media workout on Thursday, April 16. “He never watched tapes before. He usually adjusts in the ring or listens ...

Rocker Chris Cornell says recording studio has no rights to 'Temple ...

SEATTLE — Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell said Tuesday that the co-founder of a famed Seattle recording studio has no legitimate claim to own the master tapes of a defining album of the grunge era — “Temple of the Dog,” which Cornell recorded with ...

Why you should hold on to your old video tapes

Metro spoke to David Jinks of ParcelHero, an international courier, who said old boxes of video tapes may become more valuable as they become rarer – meaning hoarders with a stash in the attic could find themselves with a collection worth some serious ...

New Vatican Tapes One-Sheet Afoot

Time to add a little devil to your day, kids! Check out your first look at latest one-sheet for The Vatican Tapes, which is opening in theaters on July 24, 2015. The Vatican Tapes is directed by Mark Neveldine (Crank). The demonic possession drama ...

Are your VHS tapes collectibles?

David Jinks of international courier ParcelHero told the UK's Metro that it's time to learn the lesson of vinyl records. Jinks says many dusty old LPs that were discarded are now worth hundreds, even thousands. He said that VHS tapes are quickly ...

Watch—Before They Were Famous A-List Audition Tapes!

But, no one suffered quite as much humiliation as Chris Klein, whose audition is so epically bad it kinda makes me wanna snuggle him against my heaving bosom and tell him everything is going to be okay. Meanwhile, that Mandy Moore is a whore…

Old VHS tapes could be worth big bucks

DVDs and DVD players replaced tapes and VHS players long ago in most homes, so cassettes could start to join the ranks of vinyl records and become collectibles. Nostalgia will inspire people to track down key titles and pay big money for the few that ...

406 Tapes Vol.1

These guys from the 406 put out a mix of park, street, and other shenanigans in their first tape filmed in Montana, Idaho, and Washington. You'll enjoy if your an Action Bronson fan. “Featuring Scott Stubblefield, Ricky Lopez, Mason Milarch, Jacob ...

Legal fight brews over Temple of the Dog master tapes

SEATTLE (AP) - The co-founder of a famed Seattle recording studio is being sued to turn over the master recording tapes to one of the defining albums of the grunge era - "Temple of the Dog," which featured members of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.

Today's Hit Movies Reimagined Perfectly as '80s VHS Tapes

For fun, Knez mocked up a bunch of posters featuring today's hit shows and movies—like Breaking Bad, Interstellar, Gravity—as if they were actually the jackets for VHS tapes. Knez created them all on Photoshop by modeling them after after VHS cases ...

Stanley Kutler, who won release of Nixon's White House tapes, dies ...

As a result of Kutler's litigation, all the tapes were released, the last batch in 2013. According to a statement that The Times quoted, Kutler concluded the tapes proved Nixon was "deeply and intimately involved in sometimes criminal abuses of power ...

Tapes allege voter fraud against Yachad party

Nearly a month after elections, recordings published by Army Radio allege voting booth fraud by Shas activists attempting to disqualify voting slips for the rival Yachad party. Yachad, founded by former Shas leader Eli Yishai, fell some 12,000 votes ...

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