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Delamaide: Goldman tapes expose Fed weakness

What these tapes depicted were bank regulators who were timid and equivocating, deferential in the extreme to the bank they were supposed to keep in line, especially after Wall Street's flagrant disregard for law and ethics led to the financial crisis ...

Full transcripts: Everything the NPA thought was relevant from the ...

This decision was based largely on what have become known as the “spy tapes”, recordings made by the National Intelligence Agency and the police's Organised Crime Unit of then Scorpions boss Leonard McCarthy. For five years the DA fought the NPA and ...

Motorista de caminhão morre em acidente na BR-116, em Tapes

Tapes - O condutor de um caminhão que transportava erva-mate morreu em um acidente na BR-116, em Tapes. Conforme a Polícia Rodoviária Federal, por volta das 5h30 desta terça-feira (30), o motorista deste veículo, com placas de Santa Catarina, ...

Five things the Goldman tapes teach us about financial regulation

It would be hard to come away from listening to the Segarra's tapes and not conclude that this broad definition of capture applied to the bank supervisors at the New York Fed. Segarra's bosses were clearly too deferential to Goldman. But we do not see ...

Pradeep Sharma, IAS who's name figured in snoopgate tapes, held

Mr Sharma's name had also figured in the snoopgate tapes released by two portals, which alleged that a woman was snooped in Gujarat at the behest of then home minister of state Amit Shah. Mr Sharma has been booked under various Sections of ...

Colisão entre carretas mata motorista em Tapes

O motorista de uma carreta morreu depois de colidir com outro caminhão de pequeno porte na manhã desta terça-feira em Tapes, no Centro-Sul do Estado. Segundo a Polícia Rodoviária Federal (PRF), o acidente ocorreu no Km 355 da BR 116. Além dos ...

Why you should ignore the 'Goldman tapes'

It's not that the tapes aren't illuminating. It's not that the examiner who made them, Carmen Segarra, isn't believable. It's not that they don't shed light on what could be called an inappropriate relationship between Goldman and regulators. They do ...

Secret tapes pull back curtain on Goldman Sachs

Author Michael Lewis, a former Wall Street trader turned outspoken critic, penned a column for Bloomberg View arguing that the Goldman Sachs tapes should shock the public in a similar way to the video of NFL star Ray Rice punching his girlfriend in a ...

Details of Zuma spy tapes emerge

JOHANNESBURG – It's been revealed the so called Zuma spy tapes show how former National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) head Bulelani Ngcuka told then Scorpions boss Leonard McCarthy he was the only one who could save the country from the ...

New Fed/Goldman Tapes Emerge with Familiar Allegations

The saga of former New York Federal Reserve bank examiner Carmen Segarra took a surprising turn Friday, when it was revealed the former official had secretly recorded hours of meetings with her supervisors and executives at Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Secret tapes of Fed meetings on Goldman prompt call for US hearings

The tapes appear to show an unwillingness among some Fed supervisors to both demand specific information from Goldman about a transaction with Banco Santander and to strongly criticize what Segarra concluded was the lack of an appropriate ...

Tapes showing meek oversight of Goldman are about to rock Wall ...

Wall Street is about to be rocked by secretly recorded audio tapes that purport to show a too-cozy relationship between the New York Federal Reserve Bank and the financial institutions it is supposed to regulate. The 45 hours of tapes, made by Carmen ...

US senators demand probe into leaked Goldman Sachs tapes

US Senate Banking Committee members are calling for hearings and full investigation into alleged ties between Federal Reserve supervisors and officials at Goldman Sachs, a bank the Fed was supposed to be policing. Congress must hold “oversight ...

Elizabeth Warren Calls For Investigation Of NY Fed Over Secret Tapes

Warren and Brown, both members of the Senate Banking Committee, called for an investigation of the New York Fed after Carmen Segarra, a former examiner at the bank, released secretly recorded tapes that she claims show her superiors telling her to go ...

Retro-reflective tapes for cycles in Delhi

IRF chairman K.K. Kapila said, “The campaign to fix reflective tapes on bicycles free of cost for easy spotting by drivers of other vehicles at night is the joint initiative that has been started in Delhi and is likely to be extended to other major ...

Fired financial regulator releases secret tapes of Goldman Sachs ...

A fired financial regulator whose job was to oversee Goldman Sachs for the Federal Reserve says she has 46 hours of secret tapes that will blow the lid off Wall Street's entitled culture. Carmen Segarra, 41, was hired in 2011 to be a Goldman Sachs ...

Todas (mas mesmo todas) as Basement Tapes de Bob Dylan ...

As Basement Tapes, gravadas por um Dylan em convalescença, acompanhado pela The Band, na segunda metade da década de 1960, são provavelmente a mais famosa bootleg (edição pirata) da história da música popular. À época, foram passadas ...

Full record of the spy tapes revealed

The full record of the "spy tapes" reveals how paranoia gripped the rival camps of Jacob Zuma and Thabo Mbeki amid fears of "chaos" and "bloodshed" if authorities charged Zuma with corruption before the ANC's Polokwane conference in December 2007.

Mais uma música do álbum dos New Basement Tapes é lançado ...

"Married To My Hack" é o nome de mais uma canção que estará no álbum dos New Basement Tapes que já pode ser ouvida. A banda foi formada por músicos como Elvis Costello, Jim James (My Morning Jacket) e Marcus Mumford (Mumford & Sons) para ...

Ex-regulator releases 'Ray Rice tapes of finance' in bid to win legal ...

A former US bank examiner who alleges she was fired for being too tough on Goldman Sachs has released hours of secretly recorded tapes to add muscle to her argument as she tries to win a legal appeal. Carmen Segarra is a former New York Federal ...

Tapes Show How Fed Was Soft on Goldman Sachs

Tapes Show How Fed Was Soft on Goldman Sachs. By Lynnley Browning. Filed: 9/26/14 at 3:53 PM | Updated: 9/26/14 at 4:49 PM. RTR399EG. Federal Reserve and New York City police officers stand guard in front of the New York Federal Reserve Building ...

Carmen Segarra recorded 46 hours secret tapes between New York ...

Fired Fed worker unveils secretly taped meetings between regulators and Goldman Sachs showing government 'is in the bankers' pockets'. Carmen Segarra, 41, made recordings while working for the Fed at Goldman; Says her tapes show a culture of 'fear' ...

Whistleblower's tapes suggest the Fed was protecting Goldman ...

Carmen Segarra, the whistleblower who recorded meetings with Goldman and her colleagues at the New York Fed. Nabil Rahman for ProPublica. Don't miss stories. Follow Vox! Follow. One of the most troubling aspects of the financial crisis was that ...

The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes Exposed

Segarra's tapes demonstrate how in the meetings, Fed employees would defer to the Goldman people, with the Fed employees regularly choosing to ignore or downplay any suspect statements. In one meeting, a Goldman employee expressed the view that ...

Former Fed Bank Examiner Says Secret Tapes Show Fed Leniency

The Federal Reserve is among the most powerful institutions in the nation and also among the more private. But new audio tapes secretly recorded by a former employee provide a rare look into meetings involving officials from the Federal Reserve Bank of ...

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Coligação Juntos p/ o Futuro 15 - Programa eleitoral

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The Jennifer Aniston security <em>tapes</em> secrets revealed by smartwater (legendado)

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