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Why Whistleblowing and Secret Audio Tapes in Kenya Run Into ...

Ojwang's DIY effort saw him looking on disbelievingly as Ruto launched an unapologetic counterattack, rubbishing the contents of his much-vaunted tapes and taking the fight directly to his former political master, Raila. Both Namwamba and Ojwang' ...

Norma MacDonald Announces 'Burn the Tapes'

On Norma MacDonald's website, 2011's Morning You Wake is still listed as her new album. That will soon change, however, since the Nova Scotia songwriter has another full-length ready to go. This one is called Burn the Tapes, and it will be out on June 9.

Produtores de arroz do RS sofrem com prejuízos

De acordo com o presidente do Sindicato Rural de Tapes, Juarez Petry de Souza, grande parte dos produtores de está considerando mudar de ramo. – Pela primeira vez na vida eu vejo produtores dizendo que vão diminuir a área plantada. Este ano o ...

Integrantes do MST desocupam fazenda em Tapes

Integrantes do Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST), que tinham invadido a Fazenda Guerra, propriedade de 7,5 mil hectares localizada no município de Tapes, cumpriram, nessa quarta-feira, a ordem de reintegração de posse desse ...

CIA Destroyed Torture Tapes Due to Fear of Backlash

The documentary, produced and aired by PBS, features several interviews and evidence that confirms the destruction of the tapes, containing hundreds of hours of footage showing the atrocities committed by CIA agents against detainees. When it first ...

Reintegração de fazenda ocupada pelo MST em Tapes será nesta ...

Foi confirmada para esta quarta-feira (29) a reintegração de posse da fazenda ocupada pelo Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) em Tapes, na região centro-sul do Rio Grande do Sul. A área foi invadida por cerca de 1,8 mil pessoas no ...

Organizações e movimentos realizam Audiência Popular em Tapes ...

Mais de 200 pessoas estiveram presentes na Escola Estadual Gaston César, em Tapes, região Sul do Rio Grande do Sul, na noite da ultima quinta-feira(23). Elas participaram da Audiência Pública e Popular convocada pelo MST e pela Frente de Defesa da ...

Supreme Court orders new trial for Alberta men who made sex tapes ...

OTTAWA — The Supreme Court of Canada has ordered a new trial in the case of two Edmonton men who made child pornography after videotaping two 14-year-old girls performing sex acts. Donny Barabash and Shane Rollison were acquitted at their 2012 ...

Why the CIA destroyed "interrogation" tapes

“I was told, if those videotapes had ever been seen, the reaction around the world would not have been survivable,” Jane Mayer, investigative journalist for The New Yorker, says on the new FRONTLINE documentary Secrets, Politics and Torture. Watch the ...

Winkie Rea in last-ditch bid to block Boston tapes

Until then the tapes are to remain under lock and key at the Royal Courts of Justice in Belfast. Police want to access the recordings as part of their investigations into murder and other paramilitary crimes from the 1970s to 1990s. But Rea's lawyers ...

Letterman VHS Tapes

It's been at least a decade since DVDs, Netflix and On Demand definitively made VHS obsolete, and yet my childhood home still is filled with lingering tapes marked "LETTERMAN". Back then, it was common to open up the VCR-looking to watch Batman or ...

Independent 'gratuitously identified' accused in Anglo Tapes coverage

She made the comments in the summary and conclusions of her judgment, in which she found the paper was in contempt because the tapes were published after an accused person had been charged and returned for trial. Only the summary and conclusions, ...

Court refuses to hear Winkie Rea's appeal over Boston tapes

Detectives investigating murder and other paramilitary crimes are now expected to seek possession of the tapes of Winston 'Winkie' Rea's account to Boston College. The material has been kept under lock and key while Rea fights a legal battle to stop ...

NTSB: Tapes show no Amtrak engineer report of projectile

That is not heard on any tapes, however, the NTSB said Sunday. Mr. Bostian, however, has said he suffered a concussion and has no recollection of anything after he passed the North Philadelphia train station, where he rang his bell as required. Minutes ...

Keisha Castle-Hughes On Watching Pedro Pascal's Training Tapes ...

Keisha Castle-Hughes' Obara Sand doesn't just wield the same weapon as her dad, Oberyn Martell. She fights like him too. On Sunday night's "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" episode of "Game of Thrones," the Sand Snakes came spear to sword with Jaime ...

[Review] 'Area 51′ Tapes Should Have Stayed Hidden

I think it's safe to assume why Paramount never released Area 51, and frankly maybe they should have kept the tapes a secret for the rest of eternity. The idea of Area 51 seems to be what's truly frightening about it, not what's actually going on inside.

Egyptian politician lashes out at military in leaked tapes

A stalwart of the Egyptian military-rooted government, the head of Egypt's Wafd opposition party Sayed Badawi, has been unveiled as a scheming political figure in a series of discrediting leaked audio tapes over the past couple of days. The leaks ...

Integrantes do MST invadem fazenda em área rural de Tapes, RS

Integrantes do Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) invadiram na madrugada desta quinta-feira (16) uma fazenda da área rural de Tapes, na Região Sul do Rio Grande do Sul. De acordo com a Brigada Militar, parte deles teria efetuado ...

Secret Tapes of the 2013 Egypt Coup Plot Pose a Problem for Obama

The authenticity of the secret tapes has been verified forensically at the request of Morsi's lawyers by J. P. French Associates, a British company that specializes in voice analysis, the Guardian newspaper has reported. The Egyptian government denies ...

Efetivo reduzido impede reintegração de posse em Tapes

A Brigada Militar, que havia sido notificada desde a última sexta-feira, 17, para realizar a desintegração de posse de uma fazenda em Tapes, ainda não conseguiu remover os manifestantes do Movimento Sem Terra (MST) da propriedade em função do ...

secret tapes of Sarkozy ruled legal

A French court has ruled that wire-tapped conversations between ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy and his lawyer can be used as evidence in an ongoing corruption investigation. The decision is seen as a blow for the centre-right leader, who is likely to bid ...

Motoristas reclamam das condições da rodovia de acesso a Tapes ...

Motoristas e moradores de Tapes, na Região Centro-Sul do Rio Grande do Sul, reclamam das condições da principal estrada de acesso a cidade, a ERS-717. A rodovia está tomada de buracos e sem previsão de receber obras de recuperação, como mostra ...

MST planeja construir casas em fazenda invadida em Tapes

Tapes - A Justiça já decretou a reintegração de pose da Fazenda Guerra, em Tapes, no Centro Sul do Estado, invadia pelo Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) na semana passada. A Brigada Militar, no entanto, até a manhã de desta ...

Pantelion Films Sets English-language Thriller 'Tapes' for July ...

Pantelion Films is set to reach its annual goal of six releases in July with English-language demon possession “The Vatican Tapes,” starring Michael Pena. Since its inception in 2010, the joint venture between Mexican media conglom Televisa and ...

Africa In Your Cassette Decks: Awesome Tapes From Africa ...

Awesome Tapes From Africa was always going to attract a cult following: ironically literal name and geeky ethnomusicologist founder aside, it was a site dedicated to unearthing and championing niche African cassette releases (additionally offering free ...

Lawyer Wants Ohio Terror Plot Suspect to Review Tapes Alone

CINCINNATI (AP) -- The attorney for a man accused of plotting to attack the U.S. Capitol building asked a federal judge Monday to allow the defendant to privately review video and audio files in the case against him. The assistant federal public ...

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