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Lil Wayne Joins A Long List Of Celebrities With Sex Tapes!

Even Wayne's ex, Karrine Steffans, took to Twitter to mock the Louisiana native's performance! But wait, Lil Wayne isn't the only star to fornicate on screen… CLICK HERE to view "Celebrities with Sex Tapes!" CLICK HERE to view "Celebrities with Sex ...

Ex de Jennifer Lopez quer lançar sex tapes feitas com pop star, diz ...

A vida íntima da cantora Jennifer Lopez pode ser exposta como nunca antes em sua vida. Casado com a artista entre fevereiro e dezembro de 1997, o cubano Ojani Noa está ameaçando colocar na internet uma série de sex tapes feitos por ele e sua então ...

'The Black Tapes' is a 'Serial'-style podcast that will scare your socks ...

If you're searching for something scary to get you into the Halloween spirit, it's time to start listening to The Black Tapes Podcast. Framed as a Serial-esque series hosted by reporter Alex Reagan, it feels like what might happen if a perky NPR ...

Kmart Employee Saved Monthly Elevator Music Tapes From Trash ...

It's October 1989. Your family is spending a pleasant Saturday afternoon at Kmart, browsing for some late back-to-school clothes, or maybe some Halloween costumes. The shelves are full of clearance lunch boxes and plastic pumpkins, and you hear soft ...

The Raunchy, Underground World of Trucker Tapes

trucker01 A tasteful 1968 print ad for the Beatles self-titled double LP advised consumers to “get yourself this album or get the double 8-track cartridge and turn your car on as well.” The portable music revolution is often credited to Sony's cassette ...

Listen to 'Howl,' Rival Consoles' Primal New Album on Erased Tapes

The new album on Erased Tapes from the London-based producer Ryan Lee West works with a palette that's reduced to the bare minimum. Through the virtuoso game of timing and effects, Rival Consoles creates, with few resources, an oeuvre that combines ...

Arcade Fire - The Reflektor Tapes

There are moments when The Reflektor Tapes comes across more as an intellectual exercise rather than a simple form of entertainment as it forces the audience to work hard at attempting to glean some sort of information on the recording process from ...

17 Rumored Hip-Hop Sex Tapes

17 Rumored Hip-Hop Sex Tapes. By XXL Staff October 12, 2015 6:22 PM. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter. Image 1 of 18. Ethan Miller/Getty Images. 17 Rumored Hip-Hop Sex Tapes. After Lil Wayne's alleged sex tape leaked onto the internet today, ...

“The Reflektor Tapes” nos cinemas portugueses

“The Reflektor Tapes” é o documentário que mostra a criação do álbum “Reflektor” pelos Arcade Fire. Dirigido por Kahlil Joseph, tem estreia marcada em Portugal para dia 24 de setembro nos Cinemas UCI do Corte Inglés em Lisboa, no Dolce Vita Tejo e no ...

This guy uploaded a collection of 1989 - 1993 Kmart background ...

Finally sometime around 1993, satellite programming was introduced which eliminated the need for these tapes altogether. The older tapes contain canned elevator music with instrumental renditions of songs. Then, the songs became completely mainstream ...

Alexander Butterfield on the Nixon tapes: 'It had to come out'

October 11, 2015 10:03 AM EDT - Alexander Butterfield, deputy assistant to President Richard Nixon, talks to The Post's Bob Woodward about revealing the existence of the White House taping system. (Ultan Guilfoyle and Tom LeGro / The Washington Post) ...

Meg Baird & Lea Cho (Blues Control): Interview

Cho — whose latest album with Blues Control, Valley Tangents , was released in 2012, followed by last year's brilliant NewHive collaboration — has been an interviewee twice at Tiny Mix Tapes, but here she takes on the role of interviewer, asking ...

John Renbourn: The Attic Tapes review – a warm evocation of the ...

The music of the young British folk scene in the early 1960s owed more to modern America than to shaggy native tradition. “Guitar achievement was measured by being able to play blues like Bill Broonzy and fingerpick like Rambling Jack,” recalls ...

NAU 911 tapes tells a story of surprisingly calm individuals in the ...

A woman looking out her window calmly describes a scene of chaos to the 911 operator moments after 18-year-old Steven Jones allegedly shot four people — killing NAU student Colin Brough. The woman tells the 911 operator that someone got shot outside ...

The Apprentice 2015: watch the candidates' audition tapes

The Apprentice 2015: watch the candidates' audition tapes. What does it take to get on The Apprentice? Watch the videos that convinced Lord Alan's team to put 18 prospective business partners through to the competition. Lord Sugar with this year's ...

Investigators Scour Secret Tapes of the Afghan Hospital Attack

Investigators Scour Secret Tapes of the Afghan Hospital Attack. While U.S. pilots carried out airstrikes that killed 22, video and audio recorders were capturing the tragedy from inside the cockpit. U.S. military investigators are focusing on ...

All Songs At 15: The Lost Beatles Tapes

At the time, police in Amsterdam had just discovered a bunch of incredibly rare tapes that were stolen from The Beatles and had been missing for 30 years. So we had author Bruce Spizer in to talk about the newly recovered recordings. Bruce wrote The ...

Blake Lively, Ed Westwick Gossip Girl Audition Tapes: Revealed!

The roles of Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen and Chuck Bass could've gone to other actors ... but Blake Lively and Ed Westwick slayed their auditions. Fans are obsessing over the newly resurfaced audition tapes from the series co-stars, and for ...

Nikki Mudarris: Mally Mall Is Blackmailing Me With Even More Sex ...

Not only does she believe he leaked a sex tape of the pair, she now says that he was violent, destroyed her property, and is threatening to blackmail her with the release of even more sex tapes! Nikki Mudarris, 25, is claiming that her ex-boyfriend ...

Boston College paramilitary tapes spark Troubles murder bid probe

It is understood the investigations into the two murders and the attempted murder were all prompted by information contained on tapes obtained from Boston College. In 2001 the college in Massachusetts commenced a five-year oral history project aimed at ...

Rewinding to the days of top tapes

Jonny Swift, from Flux Tapes label and band Outside Your House, said: “We started a cassette label as it's a cheap way to present your product. “Although it's not vinyl, it's a little level up for bands and still gives them a tangible product. “With ...

Houston Tapes SMU Jerseys to Floor to Symbolize Walking All over ...

Houston Tapes SMU Jerseys to Floor to Symbolize Walking All over Mustangs. By Kyle Newport , Featured Columnist. Oct 7, 2015. Share; Tweet. Next ARTICLE ». Use your ← → (arrow) keys to browse more stories. Areas that @UHCougarFB will walk ...

Kurt Cobain Early Demo of "Sappy" Released From 'Montage of ...

Morgen was given permission from the family to use 200 hours of recordings from 100 cassettes stored away after the rockstar's death. The tapes contained new songs and early versions of Nirvana tunes as well as ramblings and stories from the tragic ...

Newly Released Tapes Reveal Visionary Genius of Apple's Steve ...

Newly Released Tapes Reveal Visionary Genius of Apple's Steve Jobs. More. The candid tapes, released by Apple for its employees, show a rare glimpse of the tech mogul at work. 2:37 | 10/06/15 ...

The Scottgate Tapes -- A Revealing Insight into the Current State of ...

The destruction of the tapes of this event is a revealing insight into the current rotten state of the Church of Scotland establishment. Lets just call it the Scottgate scandal. I was informed on the Thursday that the video would not be put online ...

Orthodox Priest Suspended for Making Kinky "Cake Sitting" Porn ...

... an affair with the married woman who's been your assistant for a long time, and whom you promoted to church school principal despite her having no educational background, though she did have a background in starring in homemade porn tapes with you.

Exclusive Clip Takes You Inside The Vatican Tapes

Just in time for Halloween, prepare for a battle between good and evil in the suspenseful horror-thriller The Vatican Tapes, arriving on Blu-ray (plus Digital HD), DVD (plus Digital), Digital HD, and On Demand October 20 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

Exclusive deleted scene: Holy desecration from “THE VATICAN ...

One of the world's great religious icons is among the victims in a deleted scene from THE VATICAN TAPES, the supernatural thriller available on digital platforms tomorrow. We've got an exclusive sneak peek at that bit past the jump. Released by ...

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